Warn By Time But Faded With Love


Dress :LANIDOR - Jacket: LANIDOR - Boots: DR MARTINS

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The Armiriki stories


''In Greek, armiriki is the tree that grows by the sea. If you've had any experience with the Greek sun, you'll know how blessed you feel when there's an armiriki to hide under''

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Perfect camel coat | LANIDOR



Happy belated November! I am back to my base after my super fast trip in Greece. I had an amazing time and now it feels a bit difficult to get back in my routine, but I will get used to it again. Same with the weather. I came back to a super cloudy and cold Copenhagen. That means that  winter is right here with even more frigid temperatures just waiting to hit. So it is time to build our outwear closet. An investment coat is definitely a must-have as it can elevate any outfit. And of course, there are so many options to choose from. Minimal, classics, bold, luxurious, basics - seriously, one for everyone! You know how much I love black and generally dark colors. I already own a dark grey coat and I got from my mother a customade, black one. BUT the other day, I found the perfect, camel coat I was looking for so so long. It is super minimal, the perfect shade, great quality and it flatters my shillouette! It comes from a Portugese brand LANIDOR which has just opend a new boutique here in Copenhagen and as you already saw on my instagram and snapchat (if you don't follow me, please go and check my profiles!!!) I spent a few hours last week trying on some super nice clothes and shoes. Check out my photos below and let yourselves fall in love with that coat.

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The Super Easy Way to Wear a Dress





Zip front midi dress : YOINS - Boots: Dr Martins - Trousers: Stradivarius - Coat: Romwe


Besides trying to incorporate more color in my looks (don't fool myself..... nothing too fancy !) I also want to start wearing more skirts and dresses. But above all I want to feel comfortable and warm during the cold days which are almost here. Therefore, I went for a transition look, combining a super cool dress with a pair of black trousers. Do not forget the layering guys. You know I am a huge fun! Actually I really liked the result and I think that it will look as good with a pair of jeans. I will give it a try as well ;)


P.S. Tomorrow I am going to Greece!!! I will stay for 3-4 days and I hope I will manage to do everything I have planned!


New week inspiration #39




Goodmorning people. Mondays are not always easy right? Especially if there is an upcoming week full of responsibilities and things you have to do. As typically, Monday on Fashion Reactor is the moodboard day. The inspiration for the following week, the first drops of power and throughts for the new start.

Hope it will be an awesome one for all of you.

Eirini xxx



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