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Hej sweetbirds! It's me again with a new post about low temperatures, cold weather and super stylish cots and jackets. I don't know what is the weather at your place, but here in Denmark winter is already here. Besides the rain which is a almost everyday here to remind us that we live here (I hate when it's rainning....), the temperatures are already quite low and cosntant between 5-10 degrees. And which is the ebst way to handle this kind of weather? A perfect coat or jacket of course which can both keep you warm but also make you look super stylish. Have a look on my choises and tell me what you think! You can send me also the weather forecast for your city :p
Love ya all
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Casual look





Jeans, Shirt, Sweater, Chocker:ZARA - Ankle boots:BIANCO - Bag-Lipstick:H&M


Hello sweeties!! Today I decided to talk about one of my favorite danish, jewellery brands called HVISK. I love the simplicity yet classiness of their jewelleries. You can find rings, necklaces, small charms, earrings both in silver and gold shades and a vairety of materials.
"hvisk" is a Danish word which means ''communicate something personal'' and its the base of the brand. You can use HVISK jewelerries, wear them the way your like it, adjust them to your personal style and express yourself!!!

All hvisk jewellery is created in-house by an innovative design team and inspiring accessory stylists. For this post I have chosen to show you some of my favorite pieces from their online shop. I am personally a HVISK stylist as well and you can find my profile here. I am very excited for all the upcoming stylings and creations...stay tuned 

Eirini xxx


My life update ...And then this happened


My life update Part 2 is here with some news I've been hidding from you guys for a while now but I've also been looking forward to telling you. I GOT ENGAGED !!!! This happened few months back, it was 5th of May the day of my nameday and our 5th year anniversary (it seems that Panos has planned it really well!!) The proposal was not the typical one where the guy kneels down and propose. It was very unique with a sense of humor and that is the reason I love Panos! He is not the oridanry guy but he always finds the right way to surprise me and makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world :) If you are wondering, I said YES but althrough it's been a while now, it is still quite unreal for me.

Our families and very close friends already know about it but know it was about time to tell all of you as well. We have slowly begun to plan that day which will take place next summer in Greece! So I hope you're ready for some wedding blog posts the following months...!


Eirini xxx

Round up my skincare

Hey girls ! How are you doing today? Here the autumn/winter is making his effort with wind rain and lots of clouds, so I prefered to stay home, do nothing but relax and enjoy. The post today is all about my skincare routine. Lately I've been very ''religious'' on my everyday skincare, testing new products, keeping always by my side my all time favorites and generally try to see what fits me best and which products are not my type of ''helpers''.

skincare products fashionreactor gif

For my evveryday routine I always use a day cream. This period I am trying the ''L'oreal Skin Perfection'' and I think it really does its job. It spreads really well, it is not very creamy niether very oily, it has the perfect texture and it is getting absorbed immediately which is really important for me. I hate the feeling when applying a face cream and I can feel it there almost the whole day....

For my eyes I am using two different ones cause I cannot choose which is my favorite ha ha I love the Messinian Spa ''Antiaging Protective eye cream''. All their products feel so natural and they brighten up my face every time I use them. It is quite creamy in comparison to the Apivita ''Age Defense Illuminating Eye Cream'' which is thicker and requires more spreading. Both make my eyes feel more fresh and I alternate them depending on how I feel my skin everyday.

Sometimes - not so often any more - I use a face sunscreen as well. This summer I tried the ''Sunscreen face cream Yogurt'' by Korres and I loved it. It definitely helps my face not to dry keeping it hydrated but it takes some time to get completely absorbed. 

Finally, a product that I discovered lately and has already become one of my favorites, is the ''Black Head Mask'' by Pure and Care. It is a black mask that helps you get rid of the acne's black heads on your face. It leaves my skin so soft and fresh and when pulling it off you can see some of these annoying black heads getting off your skin. I will definitely recommend it!! P.S. I love the peeling off masks!

face skincare products fashionreactor

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