Comeback and 3 years anniversary

3 years

First post after a long time and we decided to go with some thoughts and ideas from both of us and of course shout out loud a HAPPY BDAY to Fashion Reactor becoming today 3 years old !!! Hope you'll enjoy this post and we are definitely waiting for your thoughts and comments. 



I am back! Back to my Fashion Reactor and all of you my amazing friends and readers. It has been a loooong time since my last post, almost back to summer. The reasons for my absence ..... I would say there are a few. Most of you already know that I currently live in Denmark and in September, I started my second master. Having already an experience back in Greece I thought I could manage both my studies and the blog, but things became quite difficult for me to handle so my free time was almost zero. Moreover, I had reached a point where I felt my inspiration, motivation and ideas were gone. But I guess all of us has been in this situation some time. Therefore, I decided to have a big, very big break. Do be honest; I even thought to just drop everything off! However, all this time I really missed Fashion Reactor, you and our everyday interaction, which finally turned to be strong enough to bring me back here!
The day we chose for this post is not a random one. Today Fashion Reactor turns 3 years old! Three years full of fashion, fresh ideas, amazing collaborations, new friends, photo shoots, parties and lot of happy moments! I am more than excited to start a new year with all of you together. I promise that I will try to do my best and I definitely now need your support more than ever!! So my new years blogging resolutions are : more posts, more new ideas, more challenges and try new things! Fingers crossed 

Love you all

Eirini xxx



Last year, in our 2 years anniversary I promised that I would start working more for this blog, devoting more time and writing more posts. Unfortunately and that's not because of lack of enthousiasm, I wasn't able to do it. The reason was the lack of free time, since I created my own business and I work there all day long pffff.... So even a few spare time that I had I would rather see my friends, relax and have some fun than sitting in front of my laptop or mobile.
And here we are now, on the 3rd year of fashion Reactor. Eirini promises a comeback but I won't promise anything, I would just say that I will try to be here
as much as I can
as often as I can
To be honest the post topics are my main concern cause I got quite bored of reading and seeing everywhere the same things(outfit posts / giveaways/market reports/events)Hope you understand what I mean! So I was thinking about start writing for something different like health/nutrition and generally the well-being (take as an example the beautiful, brazilian Victoria's Secret Angel Ιzabel Goulart @iza_goulart and my all time favorite Gigele @giseleofficial and you'll get my mood right now. This doesn't mean though that I will stop writing about fashion...we are a fashion blog anyway!! But as I already said.... no more promises .... Just actions !!



Back to uni look

back to uni

Hellooo I am back again!!! Summer holidays are over for me and I am back in Copenhagen a couple of day now. Here the weathersucks... It is cold about 13°C and it rains almost everyday.You can call it winter for sure. Back I guess it was time. Nees to wear some more warm and witnerish clothes.

As you may know I am starting a second master this season here in Denmark and tomorrow it will be my first day. So....the question is what to wear when you are back to uni? This is my proposal and what I am gonna wear tomorrow, kind of at least. I want to feel comfy and warm as well. So a pair of jeans, black boots and a warm knitwear would work perfect.

P.S. So in love with those high waisted jeans!!

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Wood Kimono from Just female (here)

Kimomo high relaxed jeans from Monki (here

Knitted jumper from H&M (here)

Small shoulder bag from H&M (here

Chelsea boots from Topshop (here

Have a nice day

Eirini xxx




Friday I would wear #11


Hi loves. This is another Friday look I'd love to wear. When I first saw tese longline shorts I fell in love. Isn't it the best blue shade ever? I feel that this outfit would match perfect with a well tanned skin and would be perfect for an all day long summer look! What do you think? Would you wear it? 

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