Are you ready for the beach??

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1. Topshop 2. H&M 3. Topshop

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Accessories wanted


Fashion blogging ans online shooping goes together, right? Especially when you don't have time to spend at the fitting rooms...

These are my current favorite accessories from some online shops out there....some funky choices that can definitely spice up my minimal, black and white outfits!


1. Sunglasses from WOOD WOOD, because sunglasses are never enough and we want them in all possible shapes and colors

2. Hat from MONKI which can match perfectly a total white look in spring

3. Socks from MONKI...imagine wearing them with a girly skirt and my white sneakers or with a cropped pant

4. Bag from MONKI...easy to wear and carry all appropriate things (mobile, lipstick, keys...)

5. Nose ring from URBAN OUTFITERS... I've seen many gorls wearing them lately and I really like it.Should I give it a try..?


Eirini xxx

Messinian spa


Today's post smells like Greece .... sun, sea, olive oil

I am more than excited present you the greek messinian spa natural cosmetics! My father comes from a small village in Peloponnese and all these year I have learnt to appreciate the extra virgin olive oil. Therefore, when I first heard about the messian spa products, coming right away from Peloponnese, I was really curious to try them. 

Messinia bathed in light and deep blue sea is considerd to be the land of oil and it is famous worldwide.Driven by the desire to exploit the natural gifts of the lad, Messinian Spa line was born. All roducts areenriched with extra virgin olive oil, combined with juices, fruits, honey, herbs...all Greece in just one product! I manged to try everything all these days so that I can have a complete idea and all I can say ... I AM OBSESSED. These smells, this natural touch, I feel like everything is homemade, without any chemicals, enriching my skin with vitamins and all appropriate nutrients.

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New week inspiration #34



Hello guys! Late post today but I was lying in bed all day long feeling sick with fever...AGAIN!! Really I don't know what's going on with me. A couple of weeks before I was down with flu for almost 2 weeks.. And the worst of all, my exams period has aready started...Thus, during May, if you don't see so many posts evey week, you would know the reason :P

Just wish my luck and health hihihi

See you around loves

Eirini xxx



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