Interior details


You already know how muvh I love interior  and deco inspiration! I think that living in a home that you love and you feel happy when being there is of a great importance. So, just like in fashion, small details are those that make the difference. Some beautiful vases, a nice tray, cups, pillows..... Let's get together some inspiration for the kitceh and the living room, which are the places I love spending most of my day.

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Friday I would wear #13


Goodafternoon and #TGIF !!! Yeahhhh finally weekend is knocking our door. It was a really tiring week for me and can't wait to get some rest (at least I will try since reports and assigments are never ending!). In today's "Friday I would wear..." look I picked some of my latest favorite pieces from a dahish brand that I am in love with called "SAMSØE Ø SAMSØE". A casual, chic yet sporty look. Check this bag and the trench coat .... how gorgeous are they? I thin I need to pay a visit t closet sho asap.

See you later

Eirini xxx

Streetstyle sessions #8


During fashion weeks all of us the streetstyle lovers are getting the best opportunity to "fish" the most gorgeous outfits out there!! Streetstyle catwalk is the greatest inspiration for me an these are some of my fav looks ! Enjoy !!!

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