Las Vegas Babe !!!!

las vegas

I guess that everybody has caught himself/herself dreaming about holidays, planning adventurous days, what to do activities and crazy nights in an awesome place. That's exactly what happend to me today. For no reason, I woke up dreaming of a sunny place,where I could enjoy good food, drinks and a huge swimming pool where I could spend all my days and nights :P So today I am teleporting to a random point on the globe and that is .....  LAS VEGAS BABEEEE !!!!! And to find the most amazing place to stay ... was the right place to look at. Seriously there are so many resort choices. I wish I could really go there some day! Hard Rock Hotel , is the place I choose for today. The hotel looks awesome, the pool is magical and it offers a lot of activities. Ready to Rock ‘n’ roll babe xxxx

But as a fashion blogger of course I had also to plan my day outfits !!!! Get a glimpse below .

See you at LAS VEGAS !!!!

Eirini xxx

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friday look
Loafers : MIGATO - Two pieces (skirt, sweater): GINA TRICOT - Coat: MONKI - Bag: TOPSHOP


I am in love ... yes I do! Please go and check MIGATO site and find all their new shoes and just tell me if I am wrong. Really, how awesome is that pair of burgundy loafers? Seriously I can't take my eyes of them. Therefore in today's styling post I decided to style this shoes ........... and here it is my outfit for a super stylish city girl !! What do you think? Would you go for that look?
Hugs and kisses
Eirini xxx

Fall Wishlist

Longchamp Pénélope Tote • Longchamp
TopShop Womens PETITE MA1 Bomber Jacket - Black • Topshop
ASOS Plain Oversized Square Scarf With Blanket Stitch • Asos
TopShop Womens Pearl Hoop Front and Back Earrings - Cream • Topshop
Adidas Originals adidas originals Superstar Rize Womens Trainers Shoes • adidas
Kiehls Kiehl's Algae Masque 56g • Kiehl's


I love fall shopping. It is that period of the year when you are trying to build your winter closet and get your hands to all brand new trends! My wishlist this year includes:

- A black bomber jacket. I'm currently on the hunt for a new jacket for the fall and this one from Topshop looks to be the perfect one

- A huge, oversized scarf for the cold days and nights. Fluffy scarves worn cozily right up under the chin and wrapped around about a dozen times. Can't wait for some cold weather!!

-Blink blink... with timeless pearls. They look so chic and elegant

- New white sneakers, cause they are never enough. Really, how awesome is this pair of Adidas with the gold detail????

- I've been looking for a new black bag for a while and this one from Longchamp makes my heart skip a beat. Here name, Penelope!

- And last but not least, skincare products! I am craving this algae masque form Kiehls. Besides, autumn is the best period to start pampering more ourselves after summer. Dont you say?

Eirini xxx



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