The off shoulders trend | Spring 2016

With the spring around the corner ( 10 degress here .... but already dreaming for hot weather and holidays) you should get to know the new trends and start making your wishlists finding the perfect outfits for everyday. I have teamed up with Farfetch in order to show you how to style one of my favorite major trends of the season, celebrating all the stunning collections and trends for spring/summer 2016. The choice was easy. If you follow me on facebook you have probably seen a photo I uploaded a couple of days ago talking about the must have piece for the spring. Invest in a shoulderless piece!!!!! It can be a top, a shirt or a dress.Off shoulder necklines have had their moments the previous years and it seems like it is a timeless trend that keeps coming back again and again. But this season, the designers took a step further, creating special cutouts just for the shoulders, making the tops breezier and sexier. Dresses with the X neckline are now must haves. Below, you can see 3 looks I greated with clothes chosen from Farfetch head to toe in ordeer to give you some inspiration on how to wear this trend. Enjoy... 

Fashion Reactor 1

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Dreaming of white summer

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We are in the middle of April... and I am already dreaming of summer, and holidays. Don't blame me for today's post. I don't know what is τhe weather at your place, but here in Copenhagen the temperature is constant at 10 degrees and the sun is playing hide and seek with us. So today, against weather's games I decided to show you three pieces that I would like to have in my summer closet. Dresses and jumpsuits that you can live within the whole summer. I love white, I think it is great for summer and  it looks awesome with your tanned skin...... Ohhhh god, I desperately need summer!!!!!!


Eirini xxx

Time to chill


Goodmorning loves and happy April. Hope you all doing great. I am bit sick, I guess it is the post Svalbard consequences hahaha (I know I own you a post full of my latest trip). It is finally weekend and I will try to relax a bit although it is a period full of work and responsibilities. But I guess we all deserve time for ourselves, to just sit down and relax. For me Friday night it is the best time for chilling. You are done from a full day of work, you know that the weekend is ahead, so you can stay home, lay on the couch and enjoy a nice drink with no guilt. So that is what I did last night. Did you know that candles also help you to relax? In my case they help a lot and if they also have a nice scent, not too strong yet a light one to just calm you down and let you enjoy the moment. 


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You know how much I love wearing comfortable clothes, oversized cardigans, fluffy jackets, sneakers and cool pants. And leaving in Copenhagen where fashion is more practical but yest stylish, I love how my styling matches the danish attitude and I get great inspiration from all these superstylish danish girls around the city. That is why I called today's post ''Copenhagen Fashion''. It is a look that you could easily see around the city expressing the scandinavian minimalism and comfort. 


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