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Hey girls ! How are you doing today? Here the autumn/winter is making his effort with wind rain and lots of clouds, so I prefered to stay home, do nothing but relax and enjoy. The post today is all about my skincare routine. Lately I've been very ''religious'' on my everyday skincare, testing new products, keeping always by my side my all time favorites and generally try to see what fits me best and which products are not my type of ''helpers''.

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For my evveryday routine I always use a day cream. This period I am trying the ''L'oreal Skin Perfection'' and I think it really does its job. It spreads really well, it is not very creamy niether very oily, it has the perfect texture and it is getting absorbed immediately which is really important for me. I hate the feeling when applying a face cream and I can feel it there almost the whole day....

For my eyes I am using two different ones cause I cannot choose which is my favorite ha ha I love the Messinian Spa ''Antiaging Protective eye cream''. All their products feel so natural and they brighten up my face every time I use them. It is quite creamy in comparison to the Apivita ''Age Defense Illuminating Eye Cream'' which is thicker and requires more spreading. Both make my eyes feel more fresh and I alternate them depending on how I feel my skin everyday.

Sometimes - not so often any more - I use a face sunscreen as well. This summer I tried the ''Sunscreen face cream Yogurt'' by Korres and I loved it. It definitely helps my face not to dry keeping it hydrated but it takes some time to get completely absorbed. 

Finally, a product that I discovered lately and has already become one of my favorites, is the ''Black Head Mask'' by Pure and Care. It is a black mask that helps you get rid of the acne's black heads on your face. It leaves my skin so soft and fresh and when pulling it off you can see some of these annoying black heads getting off your skin. I will definitely recommend it!! P.S. I love the peeling off masks!

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New week inspiration #42

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Have a great week loves

Eirini xxx

How to wear a metallic, pleated skirt

I see it everywhere. It is pleated but it is also it the skirt of the season? We will soon find out, but til that moment I think we should all be ready and know how to style it. I know it is a bold piece itself but depending on your personal style I believe you can transform it into an everyday casual piece or make it part of a more glamorous look. It is up to you girls! I tried to think of everyday looks but with this extra touch that can catch the attention. Are you ready to rock your metallic pleated skirt this season????
pleated mettalic skirt
Skirt: Zara / Denim jacket:Topshop / Sweater:Monki / Shoes:Aldo / Bag:Topshop
pleated metallic skirt 2
Skirt: Zara / Shirt:Zara / Shoes:Zara / Bag:H&M
Which one did you like the most? Would you easily wear something like this metallic, pleated skirt?
Eirini xxx

Breakfast smoothie bowl

Goodmorning girls! Hope you are doing great. Today I went to the gym early in the morning and yes, it is so true that early morning exercise is the best thing to do. I feel so refreshed and energized now, ready to seize the day!!!! To be honest I didn't have a proper breakfast but I ate a protein bar to boost my energy for the gym. Generally, I don't have a specific breakfast I like eating everyday. It mainly depends on how I wake up. Sometimes I am craving something sweet, other something savory, eggs....

However, one of my favorite ones are the oatmeal and smoothie bowls. When I have frozen fruits in the freezer I always go for a smoothie bowl with all different topics you can imagine hahaha like the one I had yesterday nd you can see on the photo below. They are super easy to make, healthy (only if you fo on the safe side with the toppings :P ) and the yummiest way to start your day!

breakfast fashionreactor

Smoothie bowl with red frozen fruits

- a cup of frozen fruits

- a tbsp of peannut butter

- tons of cinammon (I am addicted)

- you can also ass a little bit of honey if you want it more sweet

- vanilla almond milk

-for the toppings feel free to choose whatetever you like. I usually go for granola, coconut flakes, flax seeds, almonds or walnuts, chia seeds and more cinammon

I totally recommend it and if you try it home, please send me your photos or your additions and ideas for a delicious smoothie bowl :)


Love ya

Eirini xxx

Chokers | Trend


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They are back, cooler than ever and ready to stay in fashion as the latest trend to adopt. The chokers come back from the 90's and they reminds us our teenage years, when we were wearing those plastic, black ones (be honest, we all had one of those) playing it cool and trendy. Now it is time that the chockers become a must have accessory rather than a teenage fashion craziness. 

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You can find them everywhere and in a huge variety : velvety, metallic, with rhinestones, from different fabrics, leather, so many options to choose from! You can also wear them in different ways, one by one, all together or you can even combine them with other, longer necklaces. It will defintiely give a different vibe to the hole look. I bought mine from ZARA and I love combining them together for a more edgy feeling.

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In case you don't already have one or you don't want to invest your mine on them, you can alternatively use a scarf and trasform it to a great choker, like I did in the photo below. It is very easy to do it and I would say it is offered for more elegant looks. I use small. vintage scarfs (thanks mum!!!) and I can create as many different chokers I want with differnt textures and colors.

chockers trend fashion reactor 4 1

So what do you think? Is it a trend you will adopt or you had enough from your teenager years? You are more that welcome to send me your photos wearing your chokers and show me how you style them.


Eirini xxx




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