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Hey girls ! How are you doing today? Here the autumn/winter is making his effort with wind rain and lots of clouds, so I prefered to stay home, do nothing but relax and enjoy. The post today is all about my skincare routine. Lately I've been very ''religious'' on my everyday skincare, testing new products, keeping always by my side my all time favorites and generally try to see what fits me best and which products are not my type of ''helpers''.

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For my evveryday routine I always use a day cream. This period I am trying the ''L'oreal Skin Perfection'' and I think it really does its job. It spreads really well, it is not very creamy niether very oily, it has the perfect texture and it is getting absorbed immediately which is really important for me. I hate the feeling when applying a face cream and I can feel it there almost the whole day....

For my eyes I am using two different ones cause I cannot choose which is my favorite ha ha I love the Messinian Spa ''Antiaging Protective eye cream''. All their products feel so natural and they brighten up my face every time I use them. It is quite creamy in comparison to the Apivita ''Age Defense Illuminating Eye Cream'' which is thicker and requires more spreading. Both make my eyes feel more fresh and I alternate them depending on how I feel my skin everyday.

Sometimes - not so often any more - I use a face sunscreen as well. This summer I tried the ''Sunscreen face cream Yogurt'' by Korres and I loved it. It definitely helps my face not to dry keeping it hydrated but it takes some time to get completely absorbed. 

Finally, a product that I discovered lately and has already become one of my favorites, is the ''Black Head Mask'' by Pure and Care. It is a black mask that helps you get rid of the acne's black heads on your face. It leaves my skin so soft and fresh and when pulling it off you can see some of these annoying black heads getting off your skin. I will definitely recommend it!! P.S. I love the peeling off masks!

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BeautytestBox v.2016


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Messinian Spa | Black truffle


Goodmonring beautiful people! Hope you are all doing great. In order to feel a bit better due to Mondays - syndrom, I am starting the week with something really luxurious, fresh and good for our skin. And as you have already seen I am talking about the premium line from Messinian Spa called Black Truffle. In case you don't know black truffle or black Périgord truffle is one of the most commercially valuable species growing mainly in France with oak and hazelnut trees. 

My favortie greek skincare company, decided to create a premium line which offers a special care bringing luxury into our every day's life.All the products of the line (showe gel. shampoo, body & hands cream) are enriched with black truffle and the extra virgin olive oil offering marvelous, rich perfumes and great hydration.


The Black truffle line includes the following products:


Black Truffle Shower Gel:consists of high quality ingedients, extra virgin olive oil, panthenol, hony and silk amino acids. As a result it offers you the highest hydration with its rich texture and the freshness you can feel after use is unbelievable. It is like you just came out of the most luxurious spa!

Black Truffle Shampoo: icluding the same igredients as the showe gel with extra vitamins and comple A, E, F it nourishes your hair offering more strenght, silkness, moisture and shine. And the smell is devine based on the honey, lavender and rosemary essential oils.


Black Truffle Hand & Body Cream
The cream of this line contains natural ingredients, like Greek mountain tea, arnica,  calendula, aloe and provides immediate hydration, and softness at your skin. The texture is raaly nice and it is easily absorbed. It is also indicated for healing skin rashes, cracking, rough, weatherbeaten and very dry skin. I am alredy loving it!!!


I definitely recommend you to try these products. You can get it for yourselvs or as a present for a friend. It is gonna be really appreciated.


P.S. You can find an older post I made for a couple of other Messian Spa products I have used before HERE. It is for a sure a company worth to check and try!


See you soon

Eirini xxx

Messinian spa


Today's post smells like Greece .... sun, sea, olive oil

I am more than excited present you the greek messinian spa natural cosmetics! My father comes from a small village in Peloponnese and all these year I have learnt to appreciate the extra virgin olive oil. Therefore, when I first heard about the messian spa products, coming right away from Peloponnese, I was really curious to try them. 

Messinia bathed in light and deep blue sea is considerd to be the land of oil and it is famous worldwide.Driven by the desire to exploit the natural gifts of the lad, Messinian Spa line was born. All roducts areenriched with extra virgin olive oil, combined with juices, fruits, honey, herbs...all Greece in just one product! I manged to try everything all these days so that I can have a complete idea and all I can say ... I AM OBSESSED. These smells, this natural touch, I feel like everything is homemade, without any chemicals, enriching my skin with vitamins and all appropriate nutrients.

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Perfectly (Un)done



Saturday and Sunday for most of us are the days dedicated to relax, take care of ourselves and have fun. Personally when I have some free time I prefer spending it taking care of my skin and hair. Lately I've been obsessed with the new TRESemme line called Perfectly (Un)done and I am pretty sure that all girls out there who love curles, you´re gonna love it as well. I own all four products of the line which consists of shampoo, conditioner, sea salt spray and wave creating foam.

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