Blackest black eyes and hypnotic scent

Fashion Reactor Korres

So today I am going to talk to you about some beauty secrets I only discovered recently.

Secret #1: Achieving the perfect smokey eye is not impossible, even for those of us who are not professional make-up artists or spend only five minutes to do our make-up!
Secret #2: Apparently make up artists understand themselves or explain a make-up result with expressions like ''Kate Moss smokey eyes'' or ''Anjelica Huston black''.
Secret #3: There are beans like the ''Tonka Beans'' that bring luck in matters of love and even help our dreams to become true. How awesome is this? Especially now, we all need some extra mystical power, right?

And where did I discover all the above? Well, I was lucky enough to attend the ''Professional Black Collection'' event by Korres and take a ''beauty shower'' under the guidance of the well-known and successful make-up artist Giannis Siskos. The event was organised to perfection, as still by the entrance we 'dived' into the concept of the Black Volcanic Minerals, which are the main ingredients of the ''Professional Black'' line by Korres.

This is the installation that welcomed us.

Fashion Reactor Korres 2


Right at the second room, two very welcoming tables were set to 'feed' our eyes and well...our thurst and hunger!


The truth is that the freshly made, natural juices and the cupcakes were just delicious!

Fashion Reactor Korres4

Fashion Reactor Korres5

Fashion Reactor Korres 3

And right, at the end of the beautiful industrial space there were some very welcoming make-up counters where I learned all the secrets I revealed you above.

Fashion Reactor Korres6

The PROFESSIONAl BLACK COLLECTION is a complete line by Korres and consists of 5 products:

*Professional Volume Mascara for 6X more volume.
*Professional Long Lasting Eyeliner a classic accessory of all time classic beauty due to the 3 eyeliners
-the Long Lasting Eyeliner for the outside and inside contour of the eyes
-the Shimmering Eyeliner for a shinny effect and
-the Khol specially designed for the inside contour of the eyes and uniquely stable result.
*Professional Liquid Eyeliner the must-have product to create the classic cat-eye look that doesn't smudge all day long.


PicMonkey Collage1


Since we are talking for Korres products, it is logical to talk about paraben free products, that only contain all natural ingredients such as volcanic minerals, sea weeds, grape, thyme, and quackgrass among other things.

You can ideally discover the new products of ''PROFESSIONAL BLACK COLLECTION'' exclusively via the 5 brand new Nail Colours and Lipgloss statement looks for the current season A/W 12/13.






And what better way is there to challenge our luck than perfuming ourselves before leaving our house with the new Limited Edition perfume ''DREAMS COME TRUE''??? It contains Vanilla, Orange Blossom, Peach and Jasmine with Bergamot and Tangerine while these converse with the Tonka Beans [aka Love Beans], the mystical fruits that were used in antiquity in ceremonies and spells in order for wishes, love, good luck, wealth and courage to come true.



Again, how amazing is this story eh?
So....will you try?

Big hugs,

Illustration and photography: Margarita Kyriakaki
Product Photos: Korres

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