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Saturday and Sunday for most of us are the days dedicated to relax, take care of ourselves and have fun. Personally when I have some free time I prefer spending it taking care of my skin and hair. Lately I've been obsessed with the new TRESemme line called Perfectly (Un)done and I am pretty sure that all girls out there who love curles, you´re gonna love it as well. I own all four products of the line which consists of shampoo, conditioner, sea salt spray and wave creating foam.


First time trying the shampoo and conditioner I was excited. After long time I felt my hair so shiny, soft and healthy! The shampoo contains sea kelp extract which in combination with its silicone free formula helps remove dirt, oil and residue from my hair. The conditioner comes to moisturize your hair without weighing  them down. 


 The sea salt spray is the perfect spray to create amazing  natural waves. A good tip from a Danish lead stylist Lasse Pedersen is to twist little locks of hair in circles an pin it with a hairpin, while spraying your hair and afterwards blow-drying on the circles for beautiful natural curls. I will definitely try that out!!! The wave foam is the perfect product to enahnce your natural curls. For me it worked perfectly!

What it really caught my attention is the seaweed exctract which is the reason of the amazing volume and texture to the hair.

Girls, these products are definitely a try!!!

Have a nice weekend

Eirini xxx


# Caroline 2015-04-19 12:25
I love a sea salt spray, my hair always looks fabulous after I use it!

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