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Today's post smells like Greece .... sun, sea, olive oil

I am more than excited present you the greek messinian spa natural cosmetics! My father comes from a small village in Peloponnese and all these year I have learnt to appreciate the extra virgin olive oil. Therefore, when I first heard about the messian spa products, coming right away from Peloponnese, I was really curious to try them. 

Messinia bathed in light and deep blue sea is considerd to be the land of oil and it is famous worldwide.Driven by the desire to exploit the natural gifts of the lad, Messinian Spa line was born. All roducts areenriched with extra virgin olive oil, combined with juices, fruits, honey, herbs...all Greece in just one product! I manged to try everything all these days so that I can have a complete idea and all I can say ... I AM OBSESSED. These smells, this natural touch, I feel like everything is homemade, without any chemicals, enriching my skin with vitamins and all appropriate nutrients.


24 hours moisturizer with grapes, pear, aloe, chamomile, calendula...should I wirte more? It moistuirizes my skin perfectly without living oily face. It spreads great and refreshes my face immediately.


The beauty oil is for 3 different uses! You can use it as a moisturizer on your face, hair or body.It is a mix of extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata, sunflower oil, almond, argan oils and many more ingredients that nourish and refresh your body. It provides deep hydration and it is easily absorbed. 

P.S.1 tou can also use for massage after a reallyyyy tiring day!


Eye cream that makes miracles. Contianinga triple action factor is designed to prevent bags under your eyes adn treat dark circles. The truth is I never had such problems, but I can tell you that it calms your tired eyes down and makes you feel fresher.

P.S.2 Last but not ahve to try the foot cream. It smells awesome!!!It is my favorite so far and I love massaging my feet before go to bed. It contains oregano, rosemary ad peppermint among others which offer the most refreshing sensation. 

They definitely deserve your try. You can find them here Messinian Spa and learn more details about each product and where you can find them.

Love and hugs

Eirini xxx

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