The legend of burgundy

Burgundy is a red colour which took its name from the Burgundy wine in France. The fisrt use of burgundy as a colour name was back in 1881 in England, and later, in 1990's it became the most popular lipstick colour for women.

Nowdays burgundy is everywhere and it is the hottest colour for this fall. This colour is the new black...ooohhh yes, I believe that!!!! You can wear it head to toe or as details to give a boost to your outfit. Pink, grey, black, nude are some colours that I would like to pair with.



1,2: hhm - 3: acne -  4: asos -  5,6 : topshop

1,5,7: topshop - 2,3,4,6: hm

1: hm - 2,3,4,6: topshop - 5: acne

So...what do you think about burgundy trend??? Are you going to adopt it for this fall???

Eirini xxx

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