Sporty chic...that's the look

If you are the type of woman who hates exercise or one of those who don't feel that comfortable walking on high heels and tight skirts the sporty chic look can be the best idea for your everyday outfits!!!

Ok my gilrs....this is the time to "decriminalize" sport clothing, shoes and all related accessories, but still remain feminine and beautiful! All you have to do is choose basic sport pieces and combine them with other more girly everyday clothes from your closet.

Take a look at the pictures bellow and I'm sure that you'll get plenty of ideas and inspiration.

1 Reebok - 2,3,5 nike - 4 h&m - 6 adidas - 7 gina tricot



1,5 adidas - 2,3,8 nike - 4,6 h&m - 7 gina tricot

1,4 nike - 2,3,6 ginatricot - 5 h&m

Eirini xxx

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