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For a long time now, I wanted to start sharing with you all these things I am fixated with!
Others have a thing for shoes, others for bags, coats and so on. My #1 fixation though is sunglasses. You can see only four pairs of my collection, but these are only my favorite ones.

There is however, another interesting aspect in this fixation of mine.
Every time I want (i.e. I have the money) to buy a new pair, change lenses or even repair something, there is only one place I go to and nowhere else.
My #1 sunglasses destination is called Be Seen and I go there for yeaaaars!

My mom first went there and she is the one that introduced it to me and now I am stuck!
They have the most interesting selection of sunglasses and eyeglasses, whereas the staff is not trying to force you buying something. Their job is to understand your style and personality and then suggest you the ideal pair for your face.That is the kind of salespeople I personally prefer. Oh, another cool thing there is that even if you are not seriously thinking to buy a new pair, they are ok with you just browsing and trying all different styles, colors, and shapes even if you end up looking like Elton John! So no weird looks at all!!!!

I have noticed that for certain things, I only go to specific places or addresses, but I will talk more about this in the future.

I would love to know though, whether you have this thing too.

So, do you have a go to store for your sunglasses or every time you go to random ones?

Have a great week-end and actually ...Have a great month everyone!

P.S. I usually ask for Iliana. She has a great taste and knows all the coolest and latest trends on eyewear.

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