Prada Fall 2013

Fashion Reactor Illustration Prada 3

Fashion Reactor Prada Illustration 2

Fashion Reactor Prada Illustration 1

 Illustrations: Margarita Kyriakaki

I LOVED Prada show for Fall 2013 and now that I became friends again with creativity, with this as my most recent example, instead of uploading a couple of pictures from of my favorite looks from the Prada show, I decided to draw these for you.

So, let's play a quiz. Shall we???
If you find which number out of the runway looks each one is, you will win....mmmmmm....mmmmmmm.....

Aha!!!! I will send one of the three illustrations, framed and all, as a gift for your bedroom walls, your office or anywhere else you want to hang it-I don't want to make it a picture!

How do you like that?

So...Are you ready to play the game?

Here are the rules:
1. Go to and see from there, the Prada runway as I did.
2. Then identify the number of appearance for each of my illustrations (ex. illustration No1 was the Look 9 in the Prada show) ;) .
3. Do the same with all three
4. Leave a comment below mentioning the number of all three looks.
5. In case there is more than one to participate on this, leave your email as well and name the illustration you would like as a gift.


By the way how did you find the Prada show?
Did you love it as much as I did?

Have a great week-end!


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