New York Fashion Week 2013


One of my very favorite collections so far from N.Y must be Rag & Bone. I love almost every single look they sent out the runway, the colors, the styling- especially the thigh-high stockings- and well, the shoes.The kilted leather black trousers styled with a tweed Chanel-like jacket can easily become my everyday uniform for Fall 2013. Then, it's this amazing leather skirt suit in this 'new' seafoam color hue that I would totally wear exactly as pictured above- yes, with the thigh-high stockings. Give me purple, houndstooth print, and well-tailored jackets and you've got me (ok, maybe half). The color combinations in these last two looks drive me nuts-in a good way. As for the shoes, when I was younger I used to own a very similar pair, only that mine were brown and out of leather, instead of really cool mustard, velvet ones. So, yes! I would totally wear these too.


Aaa...Altuzarra! This guy is so talented. With a quick glimpse in his full collection, I recognised a familiar silhouette. Mmmm...sleek pencil skirts, leather pieces with an almost fetishised feeling, thigh-high boots, fur gilets, 'too cool for school' attitude. Then, it heat me: Carine Roitfeld! His muse must have been Carine Roitfeld! I later confirmed this idea of mine while reading Maya's Singer runway review in, which I have to admit guys it made me feel really good with myself. Ha!


Tibi's collection for Fall 2013 was indeed very different than what we are used to see from the brand. What I loved so much in this collection were the easy, everyday but stylish pieces such as: the pair of white trousers with the black leather panels and the khaki jacket on top; the green pantsuit; the hooded sweater on top of a turtle-neck matched with a rather basic, black coat and pants- pieces we all probably already have in our closet- and finally, the quilted vest with this amazing turquoise/blue coat I recently saw Vogue's Grace Coddington wearing almost the same one. Although, I don't usually wear sweaters and hoods, I find all four looks very close to what I would love to wear, not next Winter but, right now, especially on a day I am not feeling like bothering too much with my outfit.

Yiga Azrouel

Yigal Azrouel show was definitely 'my cup of tea' as they say. The woollen parkas with the fur collars- enough to add a subtle luxurious feel-, the pantsuit with the pony skin parts on the sleeves to spice things up, the already popular leather baggy trousers and the monk cape - I simply love- are the five looks I singled out of the collection and I would definitely wear all day, every day next winter.

Victoria Beckham

Who would have thought that Victoria Beckham would evolve in such a great designer! But she has and all five looks above were my favorite out of her collection. I particularly loved the color combinations- purple with camel, grey with cobalt blue, yellow with white and camel, black and orange (not pictured here). The very YSL black tuxedo she made is just sublime and I am sure it is going to sell a lot!

Tommy Hilfiger

What I loved in Tommy Hilfiger show was a) the great outerwear and b) the beautifully combined Prince of Wales and houndstooth checks as it is evident in my selection above. I want all of them please, so that I can wear one each day of the week depending on my 'to do' list.

Derek Lam

Sophistication, great quality, elegance and low-key luxury... Derek Lam is another favorite designer of mine because his creations do not scream for attention and they definitely put you among the well-dressed list. The pieces I really loved from his collection for Fall 2013 were: the trousers ( high rise and straight leg is exactly how I like them), the leather blouses and dresses with the highly artistic patterns reminding Cubism or modern Sonia Delaunay prints and also, the fringed details. There is a question of practicality though, as there is no way to wash a leather blouse and not destroy it, so I guess the only solution is to stop sweating?!

Alexander Wang

This guy is so talented that he became the new artistic director in Balenciaga. So what is there to say about Alexander Wang other than he delivered a great show for once more. The low waist silhouettes, the looser lines, the softened greys and the comfortable looking pieces created, in my opinion, a less rebellious and edgy Alexander Wang woman, but still with strong elements of anti-conformism and rebellion inside her (see the holes on their hoods and the ombre hair that come out in the picture below).

Fashion Reactor ponytail

I am running a little behind with my reviews on the collections for Fall 2013 but hey...! Someone has to do the shopping, the cleaning, the cooking and also work in a real job with actual money in order to make a living. So forgive me!

xo Margarita

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