Fashion Trends Vs. Bodytype

How many times have you liked a certain fashion trend just by looking at all these street style photos online and then caught yourselves thinking: ''Oh, I just love this look. I 'm gonna try it out and even adopt it''?

How many of you, fans of the 'Scandinavian school' of style haven't seen bloggers just like Angelica Blick, Elin Kling of ''Style by Kling'' and Sabrina Meijer of ''After Drk'' and imagined yourselves looking exactly as stylish as them, in case you were wearing the exact same clothes? Who among us wouldn't want to wear as many layers as Leandra Medine of ''The Man Repeller'' and look as cool as her and not as a moving onion and a crazy woman than a fashionista, despite the expensive clothes? For those of you now, who are fans of the 'Simple Chic' or better 'Parisian Chic' look, I guess Emanuelle Alt is your style icon with her skinny jeans, tuxedo jackets and loose t-shirts, styled in a very laid back and relaxed way, t-shirt worn inside-out, almost always in black tones, with grey being the most colourful. And then, you tried these three basic pieces.... Well? Was the final result exactly as you had imagined it it would be or any close to the picture you got inspired from?

I cannot guess your answers, so I will speak for myself. In most cases, NO.

I should confess here, that despite my long time studies in Fashion and my perfect knowledge of proportions, in terms of which style flatters each body figure, it is not rare, even for me, to like the completely wrong things for my body! Example: I have boobs. Whilst my family and friends comfort me by saying that other women have plastic surgeries and that I should feel lucky, is there any wrong with me for not liking wearing a low-neck all the time, as I should?

So here are some of the fashion trends that I personally love and wish to be able to pull, but unfortunately any attempt of mine would have the opposite results, that is....Not cool at all!!!


Buttoned-up shirts

Fashion Reactor f

Ι really love the sophistication of this trend! But unless the shirt feats me like a glove, it makes me look huge!


Chunky knitsFashion Reactor 1

It's winter, I want to feel warm and cozy. With knitwear having a great comeback these last few seasons, it is only natural to want to adopt the trend. But do you want to hear what is the question I so often get asked when I wear knits like these? ''Have you gained weight''? And vice versa. By the time Spring comes and I wear lighter clothes that reveal more skin, I then hear: ''Wow, you have lost weight, eh''? Arghhh...



Fashion Reactor 3

I just love the philosophy of layering and the style in both pictures. But honestly, I have thought so many times to leave a comment below Leandra's layering lessons that would say something like: ''Yeah! Great look but only for bodies long and lean and above all flat chested like yours. Do you want me to send you a photo of mine, wearing so many layers? It will make your day, maybe ever your week''. Oh, I am so jealous guys!


Leather pants

Fashion Reactor 4

I have tried a pair and you don't want to hear. My resolution? Unless you have fairly thin and long pins, it is not the most flattering pair of pants, as it most certainly adds weight.



Fashion Reactor 6

Ahh, who didn't love this trend after seeing Tommy Ton's street style pics from Menswear Fashion Week and Haute Couture shows? However, I don't even dare to try wearing a shirt, a gilet, a tie (optional), a jacket, a coat on top and on top top, two different scarves (see picture on the right above).


Skinny, low-rise jeans

Fashion Reactor 7

Fashion Reactor 8

What is there to say about skinny jeans. I recently read a post in Garance Doré's blog about how everyone in her office, photoshoot, blah..blah...blah...were wearing skinny jeans. And not just skinny but also low-rise ones, in which every time someone was lowering down to his/her knees the rest were able to have a look on their butt-cracks. And here is what I think. With their case, it is not that they do not flatter just me and my curvy figure, but the majority of Greek and generally Mediterranean bodies. With an hour-glass body as mine, 'cool' is not the final optical result. I would probably call it 'sexy' than 'cool', especially when styled with high-heels. Is it weird I would rather look cool than sexy?


Black tights with leather booties or also known as the 'Model off-duty' look.

Fashion Reactor 9

This particular look is adopted by almost every girl and woman out there with mostly disastrous results. I haven't resisted either. This is such a beautiful look, especially as worn in the photo above, but I feel that we have seen it so wrongly styled-especially by some older women with a body NOTHING like the one pictured above- that it often makes me think that we have totally lost our taste as a nation. Enough with the black tights and the tunics on top, in all times, places and occasions. I recognise it is so easy and comfortable as a style but still, this is not for all body types.

So, here! These are some of the latest fashion trends that I would love to adopt and look cool, but unless they are styled to perfection- which between us, how possible is it for me to not look even bigger in the upper body with 5 layers- the final result will be far from what I see in the pictures.

What about you and your body type??? Is there a certain fashion trend you love but you cannot adopt due to your body figure?

Looking forward for your comments!

Big hugs




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