Love winter

I keep hearing that the majority of people hate winter because supposedly, they can't wear whatever they want and that there is no style in their way of dressing during this time of the year. Nonsense!

I personally, as a huge fun of winter, must say that you can work miracles during this time of the year, and especially during the cold days.


You can match anything together, you can wear as many layers as you possibly can -tank top, T-shirt, shirt, jacket, suit, coat, trench coat, fur- and be stylish at the same time. As a final touch, add your great, long scarf and get out there to face all the cold and the fashionistas! This is similar to what Karl suggested for PRE-FALL 2013/14, but you can dress yourself this way by now and be ahead of fashion!


So, put everything on!
Love winter and, since this year money for heating is super limited, learn to love the cold as well :P

P.S. 1: My little ''jersey shore'' girls...At last, cover up your tummies!
P.S.2 : Girls, you can wear anything sparkling you have. Open up your drawers, your closets, your jewelry boxes or borrow anything you will find at your mothers' closets, fake or real diamonds and put them on. Do not just wait for the holiday's season!

xxx George

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