Catherine Baba: J'adore!

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This morning, I had the pleasure to be among the students of ''The Fashion Workshop by Vicky Kaya'' , who sat down and chatted with the stylist and fashion icon Catherine Baba.

She was a delight to see and hear and very openly, she shared with us her thoughts on fashion, celebrity-stylists, finding a unique personal style, the importance (or not) of money in fashion and so much more.

Here are some of the points she made and I wrote down. Enjoy!

''Your style is your life. Express yourself.''

''Let go with the buggage'', on letting your inner self free.

''I recently saw the documentary ''NY77'', and I would advise you all to watch it'', on a movie worth watching.

''It is always good to give darling. Circulation, you know''?, on making favours to friends, who will help you back in return.

''I don't go shopping. The pieces find me.'', on her love for vintage clothing and her unique wardrobe.

''It's not about money. It's how you translate it.'', on how you can be stylish without spending too much.

''You have to protect the temple'', on not forgetting to take care of yourself and your body.

''If you want to make something easy in life or make lots of money, you better find something else to do darling.''

- Catherine Baba.

So, from all the above what do you like the most?

What do you find the most relevant and true for yourselves?

I am really interested in knowing...

xx Margarita

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