We need to talk about Fashion Week Part#1

Fashion week is one of my favorite times of the year. Especially, when it is about menswear. New designs, new faces, new suggestions, new styles and many stylish people make their appearance online every single day, every single minute.

So, what's up in fashion, when it comes to men? What should we wear in the autumn-winter of 2013-14? Here is what you should wear and what you should avoid:

1. Lots of coats (of course, since it is winter), long ones and trench coats
2. Lot of plaid
3. Grey
4. Sportswear as outerwear
5. Animal print (that's right, for men).

So, London gave us a more grunge aesthetic (which I, personally, love). The following pictures will show you, my friend, some of the styles you could adopt the upcoming winter!!!

1. Alexander McQueen



2. Alexander McQueen

3. Christofer Kane

4. E. Tautz

5. Hardy Amies

6. James Long

7. Kenzo

8. Lou Dalton

9. Richard Nicoll

10. Shaun Samson

For God's sake, don't go anywhere looking like that, he was just joking!

11. J.W Anderson

...And I guess instead of burning sticks on the fireplace, it's better to place them on top of our heads! ;P

12. MAN

xxx George
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