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Elisabet is a young promising jewelry designer under the brand name Clic Jewels. Her creations are handmade and totally unique. So let's learn some more details about her work. I am sure you 're gonna love her as much as I do!!!!

-When and why did you decide to get involved with the designing of jewels?

Since I was a child I remember myself making jewelry and crafts from various materials. It was my hobby to watch programs revolving around art and crafting, trying to materialize it, although I ended it up making something of mine. I was always looking for ways to express my creativity and imagination through materials around me, creating practical objects and mainly jewelry.

-How would you describe your creations?

I would describe my jewelries and accessories exuberant, colorful, inventive and perhaps a little cosmic.

-Which materials do you prefer to use in your collections?

The materials I usually use are clay, wood, metal, leather, fabrics, wire, garden hose, beads and everything that excites my imagination. In my last collection I used leather, beads and thread. I have no preference for a certain material. Each collection has something special.

-Where do you find your inspiration from?

I am inspired by nature, fashion, street style, science fiction movies (I love "star wars"), textures and colors of the materials. I really like to use symmetry in my jewelries and especially geometric shapes as well as irregular shapes, curves and shapes that remind me of drops or amoebae (see my last collection called DROPS''). Generally in my creations I use elements from older periods because I believe we can travel even through accessories.

-What is your opinion on social media and their power to drive sales?
It is known that social media have the power to shape our culture and cast of mind. It is reasonable to assume that this will also affect market and sales. Although internet is free and everyone can be advertised for free, it is even more difficult for someone to sell his/her work online because of competitiveness since the buyer has to choose from even greater variety. Of course, the products that are going to be more promoted and advertised will become '' fashion''.

-What would you advise someone that is interested in the creative arts and jewellery in

If anyone is interested to start working on creating jewelries or some other kind of art, I think he/she has done it already and is not expecting any tips.

You can find Elisabet on her facebook page clicjewels. She will be more than happy to meet you and creat something really special for you and your friends !!!!

Eirini xxx

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