Nortin handmade shoes

NorTin is a new label of handmade shoes based in Athens and created by two Greek shoe designers. NorTin shoes are 100% handmade using the finest materials and leathers. When I saw their creations I admit I fell in love with and I wanted to learn more about those girls!! So let the shoes do the talking!!

When and why did you decide to get involved in the designing of shoes?

We met at EL.KE.DE. School, where both of us, after having worked for several years in completely different professional sectors, were led there by our love for shoes and design. During our courses we learnt better each other and we saw that we fit aesthetically so when we graduated, we decided to start something on a more professional level. We joined our ideas, our sense of style and our forces- in terms of sharing the capital investment among other things- so that we can do something new, not only for ourselves but also for those who are willing to try new ideas.



How would you describe your creations?

We want to treat every collection as a unique concept. We want for every design to be the sequence of the previous one and with each collection to give the sense of the completion of a creative process, in order to open a brand new one with the collection right next. Ideally, we would like the word "diversity" to describe our creations.

Which materials do you prefer to use in your collections?

The main material is leather, just because our designs are handmade. Utilizing leather of excellent quality as our base, we then complete our designing ideas by adding other materials such as fabrics, lace, rope, rattan material, sack and so on.

Where do you find your inspiration from?

Here, I will quote something that totally professes us.

Because there are no longer 'virgin' ... ideas!

What is your opinion on social media and their power to drive sales?

I do not know how social media and their strong online presence can increase sales. Sales have to do with numbers and the popularity that one acquires through social media is not easily measurable in sales figures. I know designers, for example, that have low impact on social media in comparison to others - but their physical presence on outlets and recognition in the world and the press is much larger. The social media can offer publicity or create a look and feel for your brand, but also build a "personality" and a life style that will intrigue others to be a part of it. In short, social media is an inexpensive and interactive way of advertising.

What would you advise someone that is interested in the creative arts?

Follow his intuition. Do not censor himself based on other's style and aesthetics.

A few days before a dark fairytale has began. NorTin introduced as the entire fall/winter collection called "Fairy Tale Gone Dark". I am sure you're gonna love it!!

You can find NorTin's creations on Etsy here, on the online shop of F.A.K.E. Couture, here, on styledropper here , on their facebook page and real soon at a new location in Kolonaki. I'll go for the lowlander myself ;-)

Eirini xxx

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