Stathis Samantas

Ooooh, we are so excited as a team about today's post!!! We were working so long for this!

Stathis Samantas reveals himself in our camera and goes all out on his nickname, his favourite brands, blogging and of course OUR favourite!!!!!

As for our outfits with Eirini, well, the interview was filmed in early October, or August 61st for us (a Greek joke because of the high temperatures during September and October). So don't assume that we have gone totally nuts when you will see us sockless and with our sandals on! One day we will be such a pros that by the time we film something, we will have it ready for upload within days, not weeks!!!!

Hope you like it!

Have a great day and keep on dreaming!

P.S Click on the CC on the YouTube player for English subtitles!

xxx Margarita , Eirini xxx



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