Stelios Koudounaris Spring Summer 2013

''In the depths of the deep. Where the vibrations are harmonic and soft, the colours are mixed and become a shiny mosaic which you can almost hear the silence'' - Minas Minatsis for Stelios Koudounaris Spring Summer 2013

The third and last day of AXDW was truly packed while amongst the guests, there were some of the most influential and important people of the Greek fashion scene. Despite the theatricalities we saw during the previous two days of AXDW, Stelios Koudounaris' collection entitled 'Silence' had a clear point of view, it was cohesive, well thought and above all modern and wearable. This doesn't mean that the clothes were boring. On the contrary, each and every one had this little twist, which is definately needed by a designer brand. All in all Stelios Koudounaris is proving to be ''the dark horse'' of the event leading thus the AXDW. But of course you' ve already read my opinion towards him and his work in my previous post on him!



Photos ©Apostolis Kaliakmanis for Fashion Reactor / All rights reserved

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