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Fashion reactor velvet 1

Despite trends, every year around this period of time - December is only a couple days away- I catch myself having this desire to get covered in soft, cosy, and rich textures. No exception, yet again this year!

I am currently yearning for all things velvety!

As they say ''If you can't fight it...'' and I add ''just accept it and move on''.
So, this is what I am doing... I felt like it, I posted about it, I overcame it! Blogging works sometimes as a shopping therapy-for me at least- so even if I don't have any money to spend, as is mostly the case, I shop 'visually' and thus, I maintain my sanity and don't get depressed!
Is this too ''drama-queen'' or not?

Fashion reactor velvet 10Fashion reactor velvet 9

Fashion reactor velvet 8

Fashion reactor velvet 7

Fashion reactor velvet 6

Fashion reactor velvet 5

Fashion reactor velvet 3

Fashion reactor velvet 2

Fashion reactor velvet 4

 So I told you how I deal with my consuming self and now, I am asking you in return. How do you cope with desires- just like this velvety of mine- even if these are only a consuming ones? After all, we are only humans....No one is perfect!

.....And with this, I let you!
Have a great day!

xo -Margarita-

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