Venediktos Adipas

Venediktos Adipas was born in 1982. From an early age, he showed a passion for the creative arts, in which from early on he had a very personal and unique identity. After high school, he studied ''Conservation & Restoration of Art Pieces and Archaeological Artefacts''. His next step would have been to take exams for admission in the ASKT, but with fashion being the love of his life, he attended instead 'Veloudakis Fashion School'. His graduate fashion show became the talk of the school.

From 2004 and up to this day, he has been moving forward in different paths of creation and self-expression. Graffiti; street art; window installation; womenswear design; and freestyle house dance are only some of the areas he has outshine and proved his amazing talent.



At the same time, he has presented numerous of his paintings by participating in numerous group as well as personal art exhibitions and events. His work can be described distinctly individualistic, sometimes surreal with passion for detail and handcrafted surfaces. Many of his artworks now enrich private collections and shops.

During the fashion exhibition ''Arghh! Monsters in Fashion'' in 2011 at Benaki Museum, Venediktos was personally selected by the curator of the exhibition Vassilis Zidianakis in order to assist with the whole arrangement of the exhibits.

His latest artistic venture was designing the costume for a young, modern dancer who is going to tour with his performance called ''V'', in numerous festivals around the world.

In addition, he created an amazing piece out or recycled materials for the 'Trash Art Festival 2012'. Check out the pictures and video below.


An important chapter of his life was his collaboration with Christoforos Kotentos, the well-known Greek Fashion designer, for whom he worked as Head Fashion assistant from 2006 until 2009.

During this time, Christoforos Kotentos was experiencing a unique success for the Greek standards, as he had an international presence with his collections. To illustrate this, the iconic jewellery house Garrard lent Christoforos its store in Mayfair so that he can present his S/S 2008 collection with the models wearing Garrard jewellery, while the next couple years he participated in the On|Off international platform for emerging, pioneering fashion and creative talents in London. Finally, his clientele was consisted of some very selected personas, such as the pop star Rihanna, and his clothing and red-carpet gowns were chosen by stars in Hollywood. This experience not only enriched Venediktos' experiences greatly, but the demanding needs of this job empowered him greatly as a designer too.

We (me and Venediktos) with Christoforos Kotentos in London, or 'The dream team'.

Therefore, it is not to wonder why the professors from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp called his talent ''beyond'', and urged him not to lose any more time with further academic studies, but start working instead on his own collections.

At the moment, based on professors' instructions, his unique goal is to focus and develop his own fashion brand. His most current undertaking is a collection of accessories for next winter and a small collection of high end customized goodies, including bomber jackets, denim hot pants and luxurious but edgy hoodies.

Trace of his future success is the fact that at the latest Mad VMA Awards, the central co-presenter Mary Synatsaki chose to wear one of his own creations to open the awards.

What more can I add to this? Nothing, BUT only to say how fortunate I am once more to have friends like Venediktos Adipas.
All the best V.

Have a great rest of the week all our dear friends!
Lots of kisses


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