My muse, my icon, my mentor...Virginie Viard

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For today's post, I found my inspiration in my magazines' archives, which I look over from now and then, so that I regain my strength, my willing and power to move on and well...remember why, I love fashion so much. So by the time I found this article on Virginie Viard, Director of Chanel's Creative Studio and one of the two closest colleagues of Kaiser himself, I knew I had to tell you my story on this. Well, it's rather simple actually.

Me, teenager, reading about the creative and artistic life of Virginie Viard, who works for Chanel for almost 25 years and part of her job is to bring into life Karl's sketches, still is a muse for Karl himself and owns a large collection of some very unique couture gowns made only for her or archival pieces that she loves due to their vintage flair from houses like Chanel (of course), Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Dior Homme and Chloé- when Karl Lagerfeld became Chloé 's Creative Director asked from Virginie to follow him- but nonetheless a grounded person who doesn't follow blindly trends and prefers to stay at home than going to parties drinking champagne! I FOUND MY MUSE, MY ICON, MY FANTASTIC MENTOR!

So...there! These are all the reasons I wanted to share so much this article with you! What I also love is the interesting mix of design pieces with older ones in her house, as well as the presence of rock n' roll elements- her husband is a musician. And what about these lilac roses... well, I die!!!! Hahaha!

Fashion Reactor viard2

Fashion Reactor viard3

« For me, Virginie is what makes the house of Chanel». « She is the one that keeps alive the presence of the house and brings my ideas into life». -Karl Lagerfeld

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«I buy her clothes- old and new- because I really like the way she puts them together, her imaginative combinations» -Karl Lagerfeld.

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What about you? Did you have a fantastic mentor, an icon, someone that you would look up or wanted to be like him/her when you were growing up, just like I had Virginie Viard?

Have a great Friday night!
Kisses, M.
Article: Harper's Bazaar,2006


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