A look into the private world of Thanos Samaras

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Thanos Samaras was introduced to us as an actor, but the last couple of years he's unfolding his other talents in the land of promise, America and to be more exact the city that never sleeps.... New York! Only by the name of his personal site donteverloveme.com you I cought myself feeling cautious while entering, just like in the movies where the hero is advised not to go to a certain place or enter a room as it entails great dangers, but despite his fear he does it anyway.

I was also preparing myself to not liking the guy. But again, I ended up doing the exact opposite. Because, how is it possible not to love the private world of Thanos Samaras after having a glimpse into his work and daily life through the photo diary in his site?

Creativity, talent, genius and 'out of the box' thinking describe best in my opinion his life and works. The series of photos capturing 'the adventures of Mary Collins' is still my favourite one, while I find his mania for collecting old hairstyling tools, like rollers from the 40's, or old dolls and wig heads extremely inspiring. He is a perfectionist and it shows! I've been meaning for almost a year now to make a post on his work and share it with you guys, but for some reason I'm doing it only now.

From some people like him, I get the strength needed to try my best every single day!

Fashion Editorials




luggage final displayb

makeupfinalsized displayb

Editorial for Italian Vogue, June issue. Photos by Greg Lotus via donteverloveme.com




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The Throne' editorial for Ground magazine shot by Seiji Fujimori. All photos via donteverloveme.com




'Dog face lady', a story for Oyster magazine #100 issue. Hair & Make up by Thanos Samaras.


IMG 6849


Hairstyles for Celia Kritharioti's runway show for the Madwalk Fashion Rocks event, photos via donteverloveme.com


My favourite ...The adventures of Mary Collins!

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IMG 3332-copy-570x428

Photos by Thanos Samaras

Doll wigs






To dive deeper on Thanos Samaras' world visit his webpage donteverloveme.com
You will definately love him, even if he doesn't want to!

Have a great Saturday night!
xx Margarita



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