Fashion is the mirror of our society

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After a beautiful but rainy week-end away from Athens, the first thing I did today when I opened my laptop was to visit in order to see what's new from LFW. After seeing that Mary Katrantzou's show was already up, I knew I had to see this first...

She's Greek after all, but that's not the only reason. In my opinion, she always pusses herself forward from her previous collection and also, her shows contain always the 'new' factor, which almost every year gets copied afterwards by other designers and/or mass fashion retailers!

As expected, she didn't let me down this time either! Her collection for S/S 2013 was parted in two very clear and completely different to each other topics; postage stamps and outdated currency. Well I'm going to concetrate on the second topic only!

For many people out there fashion is all about beautiful dresses, weakmindedness and female vanity... Well, it is a vehicle to feel beautiful with ourselves and certainly to have fun while dressing up, but fashion is a lot more. For me, fashion is the mirror of our society and there is no better proof to this argument than Mary Katrantzou's show for S/S 2013.

With all these daily speculations about Greece exiting the euro and the European Union there was definately an underlying comment on Greece's and Europe's monetary crisis in Katrantzou's collection. As we know, Germany is the strongest country in Europe financially and at the same time the country that is going to be more hurt in a potential exit of Greece from euro. Moreover, Great Britain kept the pound as its currency despite entering the European Union. Therefore, I don't find it coincidental that the lettering of the banknotes in Katrantzou's clothes contained bits of deutsche marks, old pound notes, and drachmas (Greek currency before Euro). As a Greek, she is obviously concerned by the situation in her native country and what's the best way for a designer/artist to show what's on his/her mind than his/hers creations?

Obviously I loved her S/S 2013 collection, not only for the topic, but also for the ingeniously way to place the motifs to the clothing!

My favourite pieces were the suits; the long dress with a stamp motif and pleats at the hem; and the boxy shirts and blouses that were combined either with narrow pants or pencil skirts.

mary-katrantzou-rtw-ss2013-runway-27 173910671896

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mary-katrantzou-rtw-ss2013-runway-11 173859831677

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mary-katrantzou-rtw-ss2013-runway-20 173905839578

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Did you see this collection? Any opinions or thoughts you would like to share with us?

xx -Margarita-



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