Resort 2013 Vol. 2: the shapes, the inspiration

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 1

Resort 2013 - From left: Gucci, Dsquared2, Stella McCartney, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, Roberto Cavalli, Louis Vuitton- all photos


Last Friday, I closed my post on Resort 2013 with the following sentence: ''As for Shape directions and Fashion Trends for Resort 2013, well I think I'm going to leave it for tomorrow...''. Now change tomorrow with next week and there you have today's topic!

So here we are, discussing once more the trends for next summer, as these are currently shown in the Resort 2013 collections.

So, where were we? Oh yes, right....shapes and inspiration.

Fans of minimalism come together! I have some great news for you all! It seems that after an ultra luxurious decade we experienced all, we are ready to welcome back our beloved minimalism of the 90's! So, for next summer dig out all your vintage, minimalistic creations from the houses of Prada, Jil Sander, Martine Sitbon and Helmut Lang and pride yourselves for the great investment pieces you bought back then.Wear them with great pride! All of us, that were either unborn in the 90's or in puberty, I admit we are very jealous!

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 minimal

Minimalism is back - LtR: Valentino, Reed Krakoff, Stella McCartney, Richard Nicoll. All photos via


What's more, the interesting and unusual cut-outs in tops, as seen in Balenciaga, as well as the large raffles, either as a finishing detail in sleeves and hems or in a total look, are I believe two distinctive details defining therefore a soft, feminine and if Ican say 'liquid' shape for Summer 2013. The soft colours of the clothing representing the above silhouette, which vary from baby pink and powder pink to coral and burned orange, enhance even more this sense of 'fragility', reminding thus a lot to me Jean Arp's abstract and liquid forms.

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 ruffles

Liquid fragility - LtR: Balenciaga, Chloe, Moschino, Valentino. All photos via


Bell-shaped sleeves or Shamurai sleeves as I call them, you are free to call them either way, are another interesting characteristic of the Spring/Summer 2013 minimalistic silhouette.

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 sleeves

Samurai sleeves - LtR: Moschino, Lanvin, Stella McCartney, Richard Nicoll. All photos via

Loose lines and overalls- a key item for our Summer 2013 wardrobe- are already approved and welcomed with great joy by various fashion editors and bloggers.

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 all overs

Practical overalls - LtR: Chloe, Phillip Lim, Giambatista Valli, Derek Lam, Band of Outsiders. All photos via


Two other shapes I distinguish for Spring/Summer 2013 are the 60's suits combined either with shorts or skirt, as well as the late 70's style in suits with the discrete bell-shaped trousers.

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 70s

60's meet 70's - LtR: Carven, Valentino, Moschino, Louis Vuitton, Gucci. All photos via


Long and lean is another trend I'm seeing coming majorly in Spring/Summer 2013. Numerous major fashion brands showed either long or floor length dresses, without any intricate details. Ok,maybe just a floral print or side pockets.

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 maxi

Long, lean and simple - LtR: Moschino, Valentino, Balenciaga, Erdem. All photos via


As for the fashion trends of the season, well I read in a very influential fashion forecasting magazine called View (Issue 96), which I use as my Holy Byble, the following sentence that I use per se: ''...thinking in seasons is becoming less meaningful. It is more about thinking in ingredients or spheres to facilitate the consumer as curator of his own life and style''. Therefore, from the consumer's perspective, I distinguished the below 'ingredients' as the most interesting. me of course!


1. Flowers & stripes

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013flower athletic
LtR: Roberto Cavalli, Chloe, Preen, Marc Jacobs. All photos


2. Artsy paintbrush

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 brush
LtR: Prabal Gurung, Suno, Aberta Ferrretti, Preen, Reed Krakoff, Celine. All photos via


3. Seeing dots

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 dots
Left: Celine's polka dottted outfits - Right: the amazing Yayoi Kusama and her artwork.


4. Graphic Deco

A neo-deco atmosphere reminding very intensely Sonia Dealunay's prints and patterns.

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 artsy3
Left: Givenchy gown. Right: Sonia Delaunay's print.

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 artsy2
Left: Sonia Delaunay's print. Right: Suno

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 artsy1
Left: Prabal Gurung. Right: Sonia Delaunay's print.

5.Transparent graphic elegance
Graphic details, bright colours and transparency with an important role for white.

I like it because it reminds me the works of Mondrian and Wiener Werkstatte. Very, very elegant I must say!

Fashion Reactor Resort 2013 transparent

LtR: Reed Krakoff, Band of Outsiders, Celine, Suno, Valentino. All photos via


And with this, I conclude today's post on Resort 2013, Vol. II.
Besides, the football match between Germany and Greece has already started and I have to watch it!
I guess you 're already doing this, so I forgive you if you don't check out my post immediately.


Good luck to our team!

Until next week I send you my love! Have a great week-end!


P.S. I can't wait to share with you next week, a project I did with my fashion students! I'm sure you'll like it a lot!



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