Arizona Muse+Natalie Joos= Arizona Joos

Fashion Reactor arizona joos 3, there is nothing wrong with your eyes! There is indeed a huge Arizona head sitting on the shoulders of Natalie Joos! I only did this quick collage, so that I can better show you my current style inspiration/want to look alike, in both departments: hair and clothing/personal style!

But better start with one thing at a time! So abcdefg h...-air go first then!

In case you are a regular in this blog, you must have noticed my short hairdo. In case you haven't, let me remind you my look by redirecting you in an older post of mine here. Of course since then, my hair have grown longer, so currently they look something like this..... only that Arizona looks gorgeous, as she is a model, and I look more like me. So what does this equal?

Something like this.....

Fashion Reactor arizona joos 4

Hahaha...My girlfriends kind of have fun with my hair at the moment - I don't blame them actually-as to this length, my hair make curls or waves, I don't know what are these exactly, and so in my bad hair days, which are often in this length, I have heard comments like 'you look like my grandma' or 'what era are you channeling?' and more of this sh*t that I forget right now. As they say ''revenge is best served in a cold plate''- well I don't think that for my girlfriends but you get the intention- from now on, whenever I'll hear comments on my retro/weird hairstyle, I 'm going to reply with a name...Arizona Muse! I doubt if anyone is going to understand what I mean by this, but you'll do after you read the rest of this post!

Actually, what I mean is nothing of a deep meaning or anything super smart! I just mean that my hairstyle is currently worn by one of the most successful models for the time being: Arizona Muse....nah nah nana nah... And after my short childish noise of triumph, I continue by saying that Arizona Muse, with this particular hair style has recently appeared in Vogue's May issue, as a weird cat lady and here is the proof...

arizona-muse raymond-meier vogue-us-may-2012 02


arizona-muse raymond-meier vogue-us-may-2012 03

arizona-muse raymond-meier vogue-us-may-2012 04

So there is hope!
For myself though, I prefer her more natural look, like this for example.....



As my natural hair colour is quite dark for summer and I love Arizona's hair colour right above, I recently bought chamomile that I'm going to boil, then wash my hair with and stay in the sun so that I get natural highlights!


Arizona-Muse-in-Vogue-UK-June-2012 03


 She is so naturally beautiful, no? Tell me crazy, but I also like the 1960's style she is channeling in both covers she did for Vogue UK and Portugal, on the February and May issue respectively!


Arizona Muse for Vogue UK cover, February 2012, lensed by Patrick Demarchelier.


Arizona Muse by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Portugal, May 2012.

So I guess unintentionally, I'm so into fashion with my 'retro' look, eh? I have to style myself more like a 'Tropicana' now and ready ....(sure, in my dreams maybe!).

As for my other current obsession in the clothing/personal style department, it hears in the name of Natalie Joos. Natalie Joos is a Fashion Consultant and Casting Agent and a favourite of street style photographers.
She keeps her own personal site and blog, where you can spend hours admiring her great pesonal style! Just in case though you don't have all this spare time to check her outfits out, let me give you a hint!





AUS 8194sonny-336x505

AUS 8321sonny-757x505

AUS 8323sonny-757x505


CC 2012 0009

All pics were found in

Isn't she great or what? Her sense of style and colour coordination, as well as the harmoniously balanced accessories to her outfits, all combined with her coolness and laid-back attitude just make her my favourite style icon for the time being and I just want to look more like her in the near future!

So to recap...with hair like Arizona's and style like Natalie's and well the face of my own, how do I look?


Fashion Reactor arizona joos 20


Awful.... I know! But hopefully I 'll look a little better than this, but you get the idea no? Yes, I'll post some pictures when I do and yes, sometimes I can be really silly..haha!

Until next week then....
Have a great week-end, go to the sea, get a great tan and above all have fun!
By me...lots of kisses!



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