Costume and Fashion Design Specialists / Class of 2012 #2

Fashion Reactor George

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George Karapetis // 19 years old // Style inspiration: 'Pelayo Diaz'

 For the time being, I will definately look to work in the fashion industry here in Greece, but I will definately leave to go abroad at some point // My dream is to work as a stylist or a womenswear designer and I am certain I'm going to succeed in both // All I want is to live my life.

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Nagia Vougogiannopoulou // 20 years old // Style inspiration: 'The woman in the frame'

My dream job is irrelevant with fashion; I would love working for Pixar Animation Studios // Tim Burton is one of my favourite film directors // My only wish is to one day become a true artist, so that I can affect other people lives.


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Konstantina Kalogirou // 23 years old // Style inspiration: 'The Jetsons'

I work as an animatrice, in children's birthday parties // My dream job would be to create my own fashion label that would specialize in streetwear// Bright colours, interesting cuts and sporty attitude will be the main three attributes of the clothes.


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Fay Botsari // 20 years old // Style inspiration: '60's Lolita'

 My style icon is Brigitte Bardot // What I wish for myself is to one day move to New York to work in fashion // As a person, I follow my heart without overthinking.


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Patrizia Konasievits// 19 years old // Style isnpiration: 'Alice Dellal'

 In my immediate plans, I want to take photography lessons // My dream is to combine fashion styling with photography.


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2012-06-16 19

Kelly Nikolaou // 25 years old // Style inspiration: 'The more, the better'

 My dream job is to work as a Fashion Editor in Dazed & Confused // I like the pictures with a more artistic and underground feel // In the future I would also love working as a Fashion Forecater, something you, my teacher, inspired me to.


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Anna 2

Anna Chatzidiamanti // 20 years old // Style inspiration: 'My Coco Chanel'

 My dream job is to work for the label of Alexander McQueen as a Design Assistant // I'm engaged, so in a few years time I wish to be happily maried with my fiance.


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Natalie Toressin // 23 years old // Style inspiration: 'Tribe princess'

My dream is to travel around the world and meet other cultures and rare tribes; my friends tell me I have a gypsy heart // I 'm not sure whether fashion is what I love most, but I know for sure that street art fascinates me // In 5 years time, I just can't imagine how my life would be. I live the day!


I would like to welcome the students of I.E.K. Galatsiou for agreeing to participate in this photoshoot and being so amazing to shoot and work with! It was my first year in teaching, and because of these guys I will never forget this experience. I wish for them all to see their dreams coming true and maybe, not long from now, we will publish their design work here in Fashion Reactor.

Have a great week-end my dears!
I send you my love.


P.S. Check out the first part here: Costume and Fashion Design Specialists: Class of 2012 Part 1


PHOTOGRAPHY by George Kopelos
ART DIRECTION & STYLING by Margarita Kyriakaki for Fashion Reactor
HAIR & MAKE UP by Stefania Paraskeuopoulou
GENERAL ASSISTANCE by George Karapetis
Special thanks to Eirini Sideri for giving us the oportunity to use her house as a studio and welcoming us with great hospitality. I have to admit the cupcakes were the best part! Thanks again.



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