Costume and Fashion Design Specialists / Class of 2012 #1


Maria Rapti // 20 years old // Style inspiration: ''All things pastel''

My favourite colour is pink // My favourite fashion designer is Valentino // My dream is to become a successful 'Costume Designer'.


Eirini design

Eirini Sideri // 30 years old // Style inspiration: 'Cupcake Princess'

My dream is to own a concept store where I would be able to display my clothing line; bake my cupkakes; and entertain my guests with my dj sets. Style icon: Zooey Deschanel // You can follow me on Pinterest:



Nasia Spanou // 19 years old // Style inspiration: 'LoliPOP'

In five years time, I imagine myself being a recognized and successful womenswear fashion designer // My dream is to work someday as a designer for a high fashion brand just like Dolce & Gabanna.



Angie Leka // 19 years old // Style inspiration: 'Mila Kunis for Teri Richardson'

 I dislike bad quality fabrics and anything that looks cheap // My style icon is Sarah Jessica Parker // In 5 years time, I imagine myself studying 'Graphic Design' in a country abroad.




Konstantina Rafailaki // 21 years old // Style inspiration: 'Easy, breezy, beautiful...'

Style icon: Blake Lively / My dream is to become a successful stylist and collaborate with some of the most talented professionals in the fashion industry in Greece and abroad.


yoko photo

Yoko design

Aggeliki Kavagia // 19 years old // Style inspiration: 'Japanese school girl'


My style icon is Lee Chae Rin // My dream is to visit South Korea in the near future // In my spare time, I enjoy updating my blog


sofia photo

Sofia Litina // 20 years old // Style inspiration: 'Life is a rollercoaster'

What I want to do after I graduate is to move in London and study there 'Fashion Design:Womenswear' // My style icon is Kim Kardashian - she manages to dress her curves perfectly.


PHOTOGRAPHY by George Kopelos
ART DIRECTION & STYLING by Margarita Kyriakaki for Fashion Reactor
HAIR & MAKE UP by Stefania Paraskeuopoulou
GENERAL ASSISTANCE by George Karapetis

Special thanks to Eirini Sideri for giving us the oportunity to use her house as a studio and welcoming us with great hospitality. I have to admit the cupcakes were the best part! Thanks again.

The idea behind this photoshoot was that I wanted to provide my students with a platform to present their creative flair - an opportunity I was given myself as an intern back in Italy, which I found very fullfiling and I cherish till the present day.

Have a great week-end to you all!






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