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Ariadni Kypri - ''Circus'' collection, 2012. All photos by Phidias Kypris.

Ever since she was a little girl, Ariadni Kypri enjoyed creating everything, out of anything. She studied Clothing Design and Technology at T.E.I. of Thesaloniki- Branch of Kilkis, and after working as a designer for some years, she left to attend 2 postgraduate courses in Barcelona: "Fashion Accessories (bags, shoes, hats)" at Instituto de Moda Felicidad Duce; and "Pattern-cutting for Scenic Arts and Spectacles" at Instituto de Diseño,IDEP.

Sculpting came very natural to her as she was always experimenting with the clay her mother, ceramist Maria Marinoglou, was working with. Sculptures became smaller and smaller to end up as micro-sculptures and finally find an application as jewelry. Who knows where her experiments with other materials shall lead her to...

Since 2011, inspired by her unique vision and aesthetics, Ariadni Kypri has produced three very thematic -in terms of inspiration and materials used- strong, and personal jewellery collections called ''Planets'', ''Take me to the beach'' and ''Circus''.

This way, she has managed to narrate three beautiful stories about undiscovered planets, underwater treasures, jealous ballerinas and love-struck acrobats! In the interview and the pictures below, you will soon find out that Ariadni Kypri except from a very talented and promising jewellery designer, she is also a great storyteller...


5 acrobats


"CircuS" is a show performed by 9 unique personalities: Nicolás, Nicole's husband and Peter's brother. Peter is in love with gorgeous Laeticia, which makes jealous Valerie, Miss Kelly's nice, desperate. Other participants are lovely but distant Émilie, seemingly happy Ashley and his daughter, Leilani.

The micro-sculptured jewels are snapshots of the troupe in individual or group acrobatics, which differ from paintings and artistic photos, basically because of the third dimension.

Except from silver, they are also made of copper and bronze, materials that "enliven" the troupe thanks to their warm colours, helping to maintain a right balance between "sculpture" and "jewel". Nevertheless, they are carefully designed so that all the parts that come directly in touch with the skin to consist of pure, sometimes blackened, sterling silver.



Ashley on hand chevalieux


Nicolas bw mat



-Ariadni, you used to work in fashion. How did you get your start?
Since I was a little girl, I enjoyed handcrafting...anything! Before graduating from high-school I knew I would work on some kind of applied arts. When I found out there was a new department of the Alexander Technological University of Thessaloniki, the DCDT (Department of Clothing Design & Technology), I thought it might be interesting...

So I studied Fashion Design and Technology, worked in the fashion industry for a year and went to Barcelona to attend 2 postgraduate courses: "Fashion Accessories (bags, shoes, hats)" at Instituto de Moda Felicidad Duce and "Pattern-cutting for Scenic Arts and Spectacles" at Instituto de Diseño IDEP. Then, I got involved with scenografy (attended courses and worked on some productions), and right before starting my own jewelry brand, I worked as a leather accessories designer.

-Now you are a jewellery designer. Tell me about your decision to change your career path and how did you make it happen?
I haven't changed my career path; I just never had a very specific one!
It just happened...I wanted to start something on my own, but clothes or shoes seemed too complicated, mostly where finance was concerned. At the same time, I was experimenting in sculpting mostly with clay as my mother is a ceramist and so, I had the means to experiment. I ended up with some tiny sculptures, really difficult to work on clay (protrusions and thin parts are extremely fragile). So I went with the flow, experimented a lot, worked very hard due to the lack of knowledge in silversmith and here I am... a jewellery designer!


Leilani mati window

Leilani on hand 1

miss kelly profile

Peter and Nicole and star zoom


-How would you describe your jewellery?
Micro-sculptures that can be worn, as well as live in your space.

-Which materials do you prefer to use in your collections?
As far as the ''CircuS'' is concerned, except from silver, I use also copper and bronze, that "enliven" the troupe thanks to their warm colours and help maintain a right balance between "sculpture" and "jewel". Nevertheless, they are carefully designed so that all the parts that come directly in touch with the skin are made of pure(sometimes blackened) sterling silver.

Generally, I prefer natural materials, but I sometimes experiment with synthetic ones, always under the strict condition of non-imitation (plastic will seem like plastic, not like leather, wood, metal, etc)

-Where do you find your inspiration from?
From anything that provokes magic...Different worlds(travelling); art; nature...

-Do you have a certain vision for your brand and what would that be?
I dream of a huge atelier, full of materials, machinery and technicians, where I could create anything: shoes, lighting, clothes, bags, furniture, jewellery...

-What are your immediate plans for your brand? I believe you told me you are currently designing a site?
I am currently designing a site, its logo and my special packaging where my jewels are going to stand like sculptures.

-What is your opinion on social media and their power to drive sales?
Consuming behaviour is continuously changing. Nowadays there is a strong tendency to "relate" to what you are buying, rather than buy an anonymous product from an anonymous manufacturer. Social Media can provide an interactive relationship between the brand and the consumer; therefore it is a powerful marketing tool, with much yet unexplored potential that can keep it alive for a long time.

-Do you believe it is required by all designers and brands to have a strong on line presence and what is your marketing strategy?
I believe in the strength of identity in any kind of work. In that sense, an on line presence targeted to reveal and empower the originality of the brand is a powerful tool.

-Who would you say it is your strongest clientele?
I believe it's people involved with art, not necessarily professionally, but with some kind of an interest in it.


peter in ring earrings

peters zoom

Emilie copper


-What would you advise someone that is interested in the creative arts and jewellery in particular?
I can't give any general advice; it depends on the personality of everyone... I can only say that I praise originality... So, in my point of view, the most important thing (and maybe the most difficult), whatever you create, is to be yourself.

-Would you do something differently until this point of your career and what would that be?
I have never hesitated to follow my heart, so I have no regrets...

Thank you Ariadni!!!
Have a great week-end everyone!


You can find Ariadni Kypri jewels only in selected stores in Greece and abroad. For more information send an email here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Μ.Μαρίνογλου: Νικ.Πλαστήρα 30, Νεα Ερυθραία- Αθήνα
ΜΑΤΙ Gallery : Φηρά Σαντορίνης
Αττίλιο: Σοφοκλή Βενιζέλου 99, Ηλιούπολη- Αθήνα
Ανδρέα Παπανδρέου 3, Γλυφάδα- Αθήνα
ΑΙΟΛΟΣ: Απελλού 5 &Σωκράτους 44, Ρόδος
Sifis Jewellery&More: Μιχάλη Νταλιάνη 54, Χανιά, Κρήτη
ΖΩΜΙΝΘΟΣ:Αρκαδίου 129, Ρέθυμνο, Κρήτη
ΚΙΡΚΗ: Σύβοτα Θεσπρωτίας
Schmuck Ruetz: Prannerstrabe 7, Munchen
Argentum: Απέλλου 7, Κως

ΑΕΡ: Χώρα Πάτμου





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