Palm trees, exoticism and 60's fashion


Left: Coachella desert found here Right:photo of Miami by Garance Dore

This last week, wherever I turn my eyes -or better phrased in every site/blog/tv-show I visit or watch- all I get to see is palm trees, cadillacs, women dressed like in the 60's, renovated hotels and restaurants that still maintain their 60's atmosphere, 60's prints, vintag-y pictures (taken mainly with instagram) and generally iconography with clear influences by the 1960's. I think I got dizzy by all this repetition but I emphasize that much in the era only because I want to put you in the mood! Are you there yet? Ok!

So.... I've come to the following conclusions:
1). either the 60's are a HUGE trend right now -hellooo, of course it is!- and will last only for a season or two...max
2) or....these are the signs of a greater social trend that actually indicates a 'nostalgia' for not only the aesthetics of this specific era, but also the way of living, the way of getting dressed, the way of entertaining, flirting and whatever else you can imagine....

And if you don't believe me, here's the proof!

Fist of all, a brand new season of my favourite tv-show has just begun. I 'm talking for Mad Men.

tv mad men05




Then, it was Pan-Am that premiered last September or so. The series was focusing on the pilots and stewardesses of the airline as it operated in the early 1960s at the beginning of the commercial jet age.Unfortunately, the show has been cancelled so we are not going to watch a second season.

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A third tv-show has recently come to my attention. It's called Magic City and centers on Miami mombsters and characters from Miami beach in the late '50s. Notice well, the colours, the sets, the costumes....

MagicCity castLobby

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But enough with the TV! Let's see now how's the trend depicted in the fashion industry.

Firstly, who hasn't seen Prada's print ad campaign for S/S 2012? Pay attention to the cadillacs, the colours of the ad, the models' hair, styling, make-up....

Very similar to the show mentioned before, no?





And how do all these realate to each other?
Well I did a complilation of photos I found while browsing the internet, in which I believe you will find it easier to identify the commonalities I was talking about at the introduction of this post.

Above: scenes from the Mad Men show as found here Below: car photos from the Magic City fans.

Left: vintage font and graffiti in Miami, both Garance Dore Right: Coachella festival street style found in harpersbazaar.


Left:The Standard hotel in Miami as seen here Right: scene from the tv-serie 'Magic City' centered on Miami.

Left: window detail from the Standard hotel in Miami as found here Right: check out the set behind the actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who stars on the show 'Magic City'.

It's very similar to the Standard's window, no?

From left and clockwise: Maarten Van der Host x Topshop found in here , Kate Upton for Harper's Bazaar, clutch and shoe by Charlotte Olympia as found here and photo from the 'Magic City; found here.

Left: Samudra clutches as seen here Right: photos from Kate Upton's photoshoot ...palm trees again!

Left: Palm trees and exotic flowers are 'hot' right now- photo from Miami Right: print detail by Altuzarra.

Techno Tropics' as the trend is called by Net-a-porter - i want them all!


So now that you've got proof, do you believe my sayings?
What do you think about this 60's mania? Is it going to pass or do you think there's something more to this?
Can't wait for your thoughts on the matter!
Until next time..Have a great week-end!



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