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Tell us about the name "Lav Unused". Why Lav and not Love?

When it came to choose the name, what we wanted was to contain the concept of our project. So we chose Lav or Λαβ because we wanted to emphasize the locality of the label, emphasize that we are in Greece and we remain here trying to start something creative during this difficult period of our country. Lav is also how Greeks pronounce the word and we wanted to give it a more ironic tone rather than a romantic one. Finally, with the un-used we want to make clear that most of the clothes are old but unused and there are also a few that are used, so depending on how you read it , it can be used and unused.

How Lav Unused started?

Lav Unused started from one moment to another, when one of us decided to come back to Greece after studying in Italy and due to her need to find inexpensive and unique clothes in Greece and the corresponding need of the other, who were looking at online shops or traveling in order to find interesting clothes. Although our studies are not related to fashion, we followed our hobby us and we decided to create something that was missing in Athens.



Is there a demand for vintage in our country, and if so, why now and not earlier?

In our country all come with a little delay and thereby vintage arrived a little late, possibly because the average Greek is not very familiar with the idea of wearing something old or used. However, because of the people who deal with this already and because of the crisis our mentality has begun to change. The world realizes that it can be dressed up with in a nice way, cheaper and alternative and not buying clothes only from the malls but also in bazars, exchanges etc. However, we emphasize that our clothing is not vintage but a mix of different species where you can find vintage too.


In which way we can make the vintage aesthetic relevant to our modern and contemporary way of life?

We think that vintage is a trend that will eventually pass by like all movements; so we don't want to put a label on our project. The classic vintage seems a little heavy and difficult to converse with today, we do not like to be just retro reminiscing about the past glories. We want to be up to days and the future making a playful mix of different styles and ideas. We treat clothes as we do on our own too. This consequently allows us to be free and to update and evolve our business. To have influences from everywhere and make creative combinations are the best way for us.

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Do you think that Greek women and especially girls of our age are stylish?

Unfortunately in Greece "style" is somehow painful and this goes for anything that has to do with aesthetic and not just fashion. However this is logical in a country under an economic crisis full of troubles. Incomplete education is reflected not only in fashion but architecture and interior design. Today we see a significant progress due to the increased relations with other countries (either through studies abroad or travel or the internet). With pleasure we see that young children are much more advanced than older and for this reason we turn to them and are happy to work with them.


What is your opinion about men? Are they stylish? Do they care about fashion?

The truth is that with men things are even more difficult. As for the men we have a long road but we are always optimistic. Of course there are exceptions too. Do not forget that in our country until lately, women were the ones who were taking care of men's appearance. That says it all! On the other side we have to underline that for men we love the natural style that emerges spontaneously and is not sophisticated stylish. We want to express it with our choices in men's collection with simple lines, shirts, t-shirt and pants while playing with patterns and colors.

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How would you chatacterize your personal style? Tell us which are the 5 necessary pieces for a woman's closet.

As we said before we do not like to put labels. Both of us have different styles from one day to another, depending on our inspiration and the mood. This generally happens with arts. We do not believe that fashion is something separate and different. About the necessary pieces... a pair of shoes, one pair of pants, a shirt, sunglasses and a hat.


How you imagine yourselves in 5 years? Which are your ambitions?

We prefer to leave things open and come alone ... moreover that's life ... the unexpected! Of course in order to be a good surprise much work is needed passion and curiosity. We have many ideas and ambitions for Lav Unused and we hope all of them to become true!


You need to travel frequently to discover new vintage treasures? Which are your favorite vintage international destinations or cities?

Each country has its own interesting market. We personally prefer Rome because we know a lot of people there form the fashion industry, with whom we collaborate. Paris, London, Stockholm, Berlin etc. are also some standard destinations for vintage treasures, but we almost always visit the neighbors!

Are you using social medias to promote your work?

Yes, if there were no social media things would be much more difficult. We believe it is very democratic because everyone can promote his work without having to pay for advertising. There are experts who deal with marketing through social media, but we currently do all this thing on our own.


Are you designing clothes yourselves?

Yes, apart from clothes we find, we remake some of them or we even design them for the beginning. We are very interested at this part and we would like to develop it more. All this came from the need for some certain pieces like dresses which we couldn't find easily.


Where we can find Lav Unused?

You can find us online on our facebook page "Lav Unused", or our blog http :/ / Moreover you can try and buy our clothes in "Elevensouls" shop at Plateia Karytsi 3 (formerly Saia Boutique), in various bazaars and a t the meetmarket. Through our social media we communicate whenever we participate in an event. Pinterest and online shop are oming soon! At the moment our οnline is made thpugh facebook and post shipping.


All clothes: Lav Unused

Styling: Lav Unused

Photography: Margarita Kyriakaki




# CaterinaDrak 2013-04-02 14:22
Teleia ta outfits. Me geia to neo logo!
# jenny bexi 2013-04-02 22:06
Ti omorfa paidakia eiste eseis??Bravo sas!!!

# neneTheFashionBlog 2013-04-02 22:56
# olga zaf 2013-04-02 23:05
pragmatikaaaaa agaphsa to neo ''XWRO'' (logo) duleias !!
latrepsaa to post! (mas endiaferei)

# Style LimeLight 2013-04-03 10:05
To concept fovero!! Makari se kathe synenteuksi na kanete to idio!! Fili mou ogdooh photo foveriiiiiiii!! Kaloriziko kai to site sas einai pio konta se esas auto to layout kai aresei poly!! ;)
# E-fashiondiaries 2013-04-03 13:27
kuklia kai poli orea sinola...
Poli omorfi kai i nea sas selida..axize i anamoni :-)

# Despina 2013-04-05 18:18
Xairomai gia esas, an kai den sas xerw proswpika! Congrats gia to logo..polu exupni epilog, opws kai gia to olo concept!i!
# Elsa 2013-04-06 20:12
You models you!!!! Amazing pics guys!

Out Of The Box
# 2013-04-08 22:30
καρα λαικ!:)

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