Marks & Spencer cravings


A few days ago I attented a special event for Marks & Spencer aw 2013 collection and it was definitely a blast. I was so excited for the clothes and when afterwards looking over their collection I could'n resist on making a wishlist on my own! Above you can see some of my favorite pieces. Black and white dominate again ( know me!), a leopard pair of ankle boots (it was love at first sight) and what else...a pink coat (Remember my last post about about this trend). I guess this Saturday I should pay a visit to my nearest M&S store for some shopping therapy.

Eirini xxx


# barefoot duchess 2013-10-04 11:38
Gorgeous bag. Love the booties!!
# Kristine Tsiknaki 2013-10-04 13:00
they look good!! :)
# Peet 2013-10-06 12:46
That pink coat does look sleek, but I'm just loving that black and white clutch. There really are some great goodies at M&S!:)
# SOFIES CLOSET 2013-10-06 22:01
I looove the pink coat. It's so cool! :D
# mary kapsi 2013-10-07 02:39
Yperoxo to palto
MaryFashionLove on Bloglovin
# lovelittlelulu 2013-10-09 02:35
I love the combo of pink and leopard!!!
Nice style as always dear..!

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