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Hello people. Friday is finally here yeahhhh and today I'll present you my new favorite backpacks. If you follow me on instagram and facebook you have probably already saw some photos I posted a few days before about Mi-Pac. This is the time for a more detailed post as I have promised.

Mi- Pac British brand was born in the summer of 2012 and it's are already one of the UK's leading accessory brands. By combining fashion and function, they are re-defining the way we buy the classic backpack. The initial concept behind the brand was to take a staple item and add an innovative twist, turning the classic backpack into an affordable, fashion accessory. This unique concept has already seen Mi-Pac establish itself as an international brand with distribution in Europe, US, Canada, Japan and Australia.



What I love the most about these backpacks are the colors, the custom paterns and the awesome designs. There are so many that you'll definitely find the right one for you!! Price point is also key to Mi-Pac's success, with their affordable backpacks starting at 25€ and rising to 50€.

I think a backpack is something that we all should have. It is really comfy to carry lot of things, to stroll around the city or even when travelling. So what no carrying a fashionable, stylish and creative one ? 



Not forget to mention that Mi-Pac won the award of the "Growing Brand of the year" at the Drapers Footwear and Accessories awards (find more inf here) so thumbs up for that too!!

For all my greek friends Mi-Pac backpacks are finally in Greece and you can find them only at 

MONOI PROJECT SHOWROOM (Τεγέας 16, Αργυρούπολη τηλ 210 9942704 – 9731589) while for the marketing and the communication of the product "WHATEVER WORKS" press office is responsible.  




I have already chosen mine...it's your turn now. Have a look at their online catalogue  and invest on a backpack that will last forever!!!!

Eirini xxx


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