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Today's post has a bit of greek islands and spirit, minimalism, design and jewellery. It is all about "Alkisti Jewelry". I got in contact with Alkisti through facebook and as you will realise yourself reading this post, she is a great, talented girl! I fell in love with her designs (she is also a Scandinavian lover) and since I am also greek, I would love to spread the word all around the world about her. So after a long time, I decided to have a new interview on the blog and learn more about that girl from Syros island. Enjoy the post and her amazing designs!


When and how did you start your label?
It has been one year since I graduated from Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering at Syros island (Greece) and it was at this time that I established my label Alkisti Jewelry, although the experiments, research and design of the brand was developing during my studies. In 2009 I started making jewelry from paper, more like a hobby and later I studied jewelry design in ESAD, at Porto with the Erasmus exchange program. The rejection of a teacher to attend his course with the final year students, because I was inexperienced with metal, was the motivation that led me to learn by myself how to use metal, in less than six months, when I returned at the island. Of course it was also my love for gemstones, the need to express myself in a creative way and my DIY-guru boyfriend.

How do you approach a new collection? Where do your ideas evolve from?
My collections tend to be differentiated through a special technique, material or finish but the do complement each other. I don't design season collections, as I don't follow fashion's speed race. So I try to develop a new experience through my designs, offering a timeless quality in style and the materials that I use. As a product designer, I am inspired from Scandinavian design, Bauhaus and Art Deco movement.


What materials and techniques do you favor?

Sterling silver, colorful and transparent resin, natural gemstones, delicate chains and wood. My favorite technique is welding metal but I hope to learn casting soon.

How would you describe your creations?
Contemporary / Minimal / Elegant Chic / Ultra Premium / Goth Luxurious


Do you have a favorite accessory designer that you admire?

Even if I prefer big gemstones than diamonds I really admire Nikos Koulis for his off beat approach and the Brazilian Fernando Jorge for his feminine flowing forms.

What inspired your current collection?

Geometry, nature, urban landscape, light...
The Sky Light collection is about color and transparency. It is magical when the light is passing through the jewels.

The Sand Storm collection is about an earthy feeling and the free movement of delicate chains which makes the jewels ethereal.

The Spikes and More collection is a basic collection with rock elements for the winter and some boho tropical pieces for the summer.



What is your opinion on social media and their power to drive sales?

Social media is a vital factor for the market and I think it is beyond doubt as soon as Internet is everywhere.

Your favorite quote
Just be original!



You can find Alkisti Jewelry


If you live in Athens you can visit Ozon Boutique or selected stores.


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