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Dear friends.... I am desperate, I need summer and holidays like crazy. My exam period is still on (10 more days.....) and I am already drooling over beach photos, sea, sun and of course swimmwear! The danish weather is trying to be kind with us, but with no result. However, few days ago I took a break and went at H&M just for ''window shopping'' but I ended up geeting the best high waisted bikini bottop EVER! If you follow me on instagram or facebook page you have probably seen it already..if not go and check (@FashionReactor).

But one bikini is never enough and then I tried to also check all my favorite online shops to get some inspiration and decide what else I can easily wear at the greek beaches (ahhhhh). And these are my currently favorites. Actually at this point I would like to mention, that I am really into one pieces and I am so, so, so bored of all these super tiny bikinis. Girls, you dont have to show everything in order to look sexy at the beach. Seriously, I am really annoyed every year seeing a competition at the beach about who is going to show more butt or boobs....this is not the point girls!! (fff now I feel much better). So these are my favorites, which are basically one pieces, sporty ones or more elegant and stylish but also few bikinis which are super cute.

Lot of talking today....time to get back in my books
Cu soon loves
Eirini xxx

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