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Hair clip : MONKI -Hair decoration: MONKI -Hair elastics: H&M -Knotted Headband:YOINS -Crisscross Headband: YOINS

Hello lovely people! How was your week so far? I am having uni feries this week so besides trying to catch up with some of my reports, I am also relaxing and working more on my blog, with new ideas and collaborations and that is really exciting!!!!


Today's post is all about har accessories. My hair are getting longer and longer and as you have noticed I am not taht kind of person who loves letting my hair down, eveywhere in my face :P Therefore I was trying to find some new accessories so that I can make my head looks better as well as get my hair off my face ha ha After a small research I found out that I am really missing these big old school hair elastics! I used to have so many of them when I was younger. Hearbands is also another solution. Besides keeping the hair off the face they can add a boho touch on my looks. Hair decoration can also work in my case and I think that I am really font of there small golden rings that you can put on your hair or braids.... Hair accessories hunting starts from now!

Eirini xxx

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