The Armiriki stories


''In Greek, armiriki is the tree that grows by the sea. If you've had any experience with the Greek sun, you'll know how blessed you feel when there's an armiriki to hide under''

Helllloooo my friends!! This week I decided to start with a kind of different post. It contains a lot of inspiration, creativity, and greek spirit. As you probably have already seen on my facebook and instagram pages, I have posted a couple of photos from Armiriki

Armiriki is the idea of two young people Christina and Konstantinos who despite the difficulties and the hard moments that Greece is going by, they managed to make creativity through crisis!




A limited  edition series of artistic t-shirts. 300 unique tees with an embroidered code and four different stories to choose the one that best suits you. For every artist, the theme is an experiential story immersed in feelings, memories, smells and objects that reveal a different side of Greece. Armiriki's vision is to highlight gems from present-day Greece, giving emphasis to development, productivity and evolution, rather than reproducing the introversion and inflexibility promoted by the recession.




I already have chosen my favorite tees, one for me and one for my boy ;)

You can find them on facebook and of course on the Indiegogo campaign where you can preorder yout unique t-shirt!!!! 

Eirini xxx

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