Latest obsession...earrings


Hello ladies! How are you feeling today?

Today's post is all about my latest addiction. A couple of weeks ago I was watching a video with Alexa Chung (I am pretty sure all of you know her!) and she was wearing a pair of small, golden hoop earrings. Another favorite blogger of mine here in Denmark (check her blog here Marie Jedig)is also living in her golden hoops, and I kind  felt that I need them in my life as well. My concern was the size because I didn't know what exactly I wanted. So I ended up with those small, silver ones from Glitter and the set of the gold ones from H&M. I am more into the small sizes and I love them. I think they give a different twist on my looks! I am planning to do a research and maybe find  a size in betweem the silver and the small gold one. Till then, I cannot take them off my earrs!

Eirini xxx

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