My life update ...And then this happened


My life update Part 2 is here with some news I've been hidding from you guys for a while now but I've also been looking forward to telling you. I GOT ENGAGED !!!! This happened few months back, it was 5th of May the day of my nameday and our 5th year anniversary (it seems that Panos has planned it really well!!) The proposal was not the typical one where the guy kneels down and propose. It was very unique with a sense of humor and that is the reason I love Panos! He is not the oridanry guy but he always finds the right way to surprise me and makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world :) If you are wondering, I said YES but althrough it's been a while now, it is still quite unreal for me.

Our families and very close friends already know about it but know it was about time to tell all of you as well. We have slowly begun to plan that day which will take place next summer in Greece! So I hope you're ready for some wedding blog posts the following months...!


Eirini xxx

Breakfast smoothie bowl

Goodmorning girls! Hope you are doing great. Today I went to the gym early in the morning and yes, it is so true that early morning exercise is the best thing to do. I feel so refreshed and energized now, ready to seize the day!!!! To be honest I didn't have a proper breakfast but I ate a protein bar to boost my energy for the gym. Generally, I don't have a specific breakfast I like eating everyday. It mainly depends on how I wake up. Sometimes I am craving something sweet, other something savory, eggs....

However, one of my favorite ones are the oatmeal and smoothie bowls. When I have frozen fruits in the freezer I always go for a smoothie bowl with all different topics you can imagine hahaha like the one I had yesterday nd you can see on the photo below. They are super easy to make, healthy (only if you fo on the safe side with the toppings :P ) and the yummiest way to start your day!

breakfast fashionreactor

Smoothie bowl with red frozen fruits

- a cup of frozen fruits

- a tbsp of peannut butter

- tons of cinammon (I am addicted)

- you can also ass a little bit of honey if you want it more sweet

- vanilla almond milk

-for the toppings feel free to choose whatetever you like. I usually go for granola, coconut flakes, flax seeds, almonds or walnuts, chia seeds and more cinammon

I totally recommend it and if you try it home, please send me your photos or your additions and ideas for a delicious smoothie bowl :)


Love ya

Eirini xxx

My life update

Hello sweetbirds !!! It's me Eirini....remember me? I know it's been a while I've been AWOL but it was a transition period of my life. As you probably already know I was doing my second MSc here in Copenhagen and this summer I finally graduated!!! Yeahhhhhhh one more chapter of my life is finished and I am ready to open a new, more exciting one! So as you can understand it was a difficult period, writing my thesis, doing my experiments and getting ready for my defense.

Fortunately after that I spent a whole month in Greece with my family and friends, doing literally nothing but relaxing and enjoying Greek food (blame the Greek delicacies for those extra kilos I had to bring back with me ha ha ha). Now I back in my favorite city, planning my next steps, enjoying the amazing weather (please tell me that this doesn't mean an upcoming super freezing winter....!) and organizing my life in all its aspects.


I hope I will be able to be more consistent from now on and get back to our old Fashion Reactor's program posting 3 times per week, chatting in all social media, sharing our thoughts and experiences. You have probably noticed a few changes on the blog as well minor ones or major ones like the logo. I decided to bring a change of air on the blog. What do you think about it? Do you like it? I personally love it and I think it better describes my personality and simplicity. Waiting for your thoughts!

I cannot wait to hear all your news and stay tuned because today I didn't tell you everything!! Another life update post will come later this month with some even more exciting news I'd love to share with you all. Nooooo I cannot say anything now, please do not insist...just be patient and you will learn more in an upcoming post.

Love you all and I am ready to catch up with every single one of you. Thanks for your love, patience and support.

Eirini xxx

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Time to chill


Goodmorning loves and happy April. Hope you all doing great. I am bit sick, I guess it is the post Svalbard consequences hahaha (I know I own you a post full of my latest trip). It is finally weekend and I will try to relax a bit although it is a period full of work and responsibilities. But I guess we all deserve time for ourselves, to just sit down and relax. For me Friday night it is the best time for chilling. You are done from a full day of work, you know that the weekend is ahead, so you can stay home, lay on the couch and enjoy a nice drink with no guilt. So that is what I did last night. Did you know that candles also help you to relax? In my case they help a lot and if they also have a nice scent, not too strong yet a light one to just calm you down and let you enjoy the moment. 


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