Changing course by saluting the past

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Photos 1- 5: Fittings in Blakes hotel.

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Photos 6-12: The 'making of' of the collection for S/S 2008.

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Fashion Reactor Margarita 12

Inside Sketch restaurant in London

Fashion Reactor Margarita 11

Christoforos Kotentos and the 'Dream team' at Sketch

Fashion Reactor Margarita 13

With a model after the show

Fashion Reactor Margarita 14

Anticipating for the show to start

Fashion Reactor Margarita 15

Fashion Reactor Margarita 17

Venediktos Adipas or 'Baby Ben' with his favorite model during the private show in Mayfair

Fashion Reactor Margarita 18

Fashion Reactor Margarita 20

Fashion Reactor Margarita 19

Rehearsals with singer Evridiki for the 'Eurovision' song contest

Fashion Reactor Margarita 10

At Eleni Menegaki show


 As long as I remember myself, I wanted to work in fashion. I used to read every fashion magazine there was in the house, so much that I knew everything by heart; all the fashion trends, the make up trends, the stylists, the photographers... I knew each and every look of all the major fashion shows. My dream came true after a lot of hard working and strong commitment and despite the fact I reached up to a point that I didn't have a life outside work (I was among Christoforos Kotentos design team during the period 2006-2008 as seen in the pictures above and only left to study for my Masters degree), I still go back to these pictures with nostalgia. It was the 'Golden Years' of my career, the golden years of the Greek fashion scene and the Greek economy....

But it's all gone now and extreme measures should be taken!
Because there is nothing to do in front of a dead end, only but going back and taking another turn. This is exactly where I am at. Back in my personal cross-road ready to follow another career path because sometimes no matter how much you love something you have to let it go. Maybe this is love after all.
I will still continue sharing opinions, thoughts, inspiration and style with you via this blog but this is just a hobby, not a profitable business, or at least for now because Eirini and I have many and ambitious plans with our only child that is this blog.

With this post I wanted to give you (and myself) just a glimpse of my life as it was six to seven years ago which was mainly creative but stressful, difficult but exciting, not glamorous but with several VERY glamorous moments (see Christoforos Kotentos prive fashion show in Mayfair or his show next year in Garrard jewellery store and the after party in Sketch bar/restaurant; the fittings and stay in Blakes hotel, where one night we dinned several tables next to the late Amy Winehouse). See this as a farewell (by me and for me) to my successful but short career in the fashion industry. Ohhh, how many great memories indeed!!!

But enough with the melancholy of the past and hello to this new and exciting road that is opening up in front of me. This involves the opening of a store with traditional and local products from Greece and me being the owner and manager of it with some help from my family too. Another passion of mine, which I envisioned several years ago but only now is finally coming to fruition. Life is a lesson and what is probably to learn here is when hitting a wall, we should be flexible and find the courage to overcome it and move forward. After all, at the end of the day it is not what job you make but what makes you happy and fullfilled that counts.

Fashion Reactor Margarita 29


Yes. This is me in a veryyyyy happy state of mind!

So I will close this post and this chapter of my life with a toast!

A toast to the beautiful years I had in fashion and a wish to experience the same and more exciting moments in my new entrepreneurial attempt. So long!!!!

What about you? Have you ever been in a cross road in your life or professional path and how did you overcome it?

Have a great week-end.

xx Margarita





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