Holiday memories

Back to life, back to reallity....Yesterday I came back to Athens after 15 days of holidays in Copenhagen and Stockholm, and today its my first day back to sad....

Actually although I spent my vacation in places that are not considered as the top summer destinations I had a great time, in great places with the best company ;-)

Now I have to get used to the city and work again...I am sure it's gonna take some time, but I am sure I will.

I am leaving you now with a taste of my alternative summer holidays!

Lake at Brønshøj - my neighborhood (Copenhagen)



Me biking by the lake - it was so so so great!! (Copenhagen)

A taste of Copenhagen

The pacifier tree - Frederiksberg Have (Copenhagen)

Fashion Reactor is everywhere (Copenhagen)

Stockholm, the Venice of the north

At Skansen open air museum and zoo (Stockholm)

The typical every night rain!! (Stockholm)

Mårten Trotzigs the narrowest street in Gamla Stan (Stockholm)

Cupcake and frappino (you should try that!!!!) break at Espresso House (Stockholm


Happy Monday and have a nice week back at the city working or sunbathing at beautiful beaches
Eirini xxx

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