What is it in the winter that makes you moody and gives you that feeling of doing nothing? Wanting to just stuff yourself with several unhealthy delicacies and lye on the couch watching at least ten movies, the one after the other? The winter cold is definitely one reason to blame, the fact that it gets dark so early in the evening is certainly another, plus all the other matters or problems one might have in life... But I think, I have the cure for that grumpy feeling of yours. Yes!

And the cure is called 'Love'!

Yes, yes, I know. It is difficult to experience this probably rare and amazing feeling. As people of friends usually say ''don't expect it or don't think about it the whole time because love comes always when least expected''. Right?

With the word ''love'' though, I don't imply what usually comes to our minds instantly. I mean it in the way that we can fall in love with other things too, besides people.
Yes, that's right! Things! Because none of you can actually tell me that the smells of a Christmas pudding, coming out these days from somewhere in your neighbourhood don't make you smile!



Or a pair of shoes or a bag that you may have seen and want to buy?

Or the sun, that makes his appearance in the city's winter sky.

Or a walk to the beautiful little coffee shops of the town for a cup of coffee, some food or a drink.

Start looking for all these things then! It's only for the better and, who knows, you might as well find the real love somewhere out there!

Be aware though and stay away from Syntagma Square, which has the less beautiful Christmas decoration ever, for as long as I can remember of. Great scaffolding's, Mr. George!

P.S.: It' s not a post about love after all, but it's a good reason to start loving life!


xxx George

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