Wishes for the new year

It's my turn to wish you...Happy New Year guys! These are my wishes for 2013 for both you and me!

1.Το snow...again and again.

2. Το fall in love


3. To eat well


4. To listen to good music

5. To travel

6. For the rumors to come true (I already started saving some money)

7. To see more stylish girls

8. ...And boys

9. To smile more often

10. To dance (Azealia Bank$ - 1991)

11. To feel great (let's do it for us!)

12. To help others, who are in need

13. To love

14. And be loved!
And finally...
15. To give Greece a break!
P.S. 1 : The wishes are written in a random order, and not in any case in order of importance...that's up to u!
P.S. 2 : Take good care of yourselves!
P.S. 3 : I wish you all, Happy new year
xxx George
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