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In order to find my topic for today's post, I visited earlier Benaki Museum where a really beautiful and successful exhibition is taking place. The exhibition is called ''From Picasso to Koons. Artist's Jewellery'', and the visitors have the opportunity to admire some unique works of art designed by some of the greatest artists of the second half of the 20th century and the start of the 21st such as Picasso, Man Ray and Jean Cocteau amongst others. The exhibition's approach is towards a fresh exploration of the links between what a silversmith does and art. So this time instead of creating beautiful works of art to hang on the walls, they created beautiful jewellery for a woman's neck; ears; wrists; and/or fingers.

As I had the opportunity to admire some unique and very original jewells, I wanted to share with you the ones I liked the most by posting some of the pictures I took with my mobile phone.

 Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons12

Niki de Saint Faille - necklace - ''Visage'' 

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons13


Left: Meret Oppenheim - Necklace - ''Poet's head''

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons11

Niki de Saint Faille (lelft ) - Brooch

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons10

I didn't take a picture with the artist's details, but I really liked the brooch on the left that looks like a match box.

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons8

Yayoi Kusama  - Necklace - Wool (unique)

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons9

Tom Sachs - ''Polar Bears'' - 2009 - Plastic toys, coins

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons6

Above: Miltos Mixailidis - Plated plastic toy - 2012

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons4

Yoko Ono - ring, necklace - 2005

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons2

Jean Cocteau - pin & necklace - 1960

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons16

Takis - bracelet  - Gold, magnetic beads (unique) - 1980

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons 2

Rebecca Horn - Belt - ''Medusa'' - Fossil by Peru, gold, ruby - 2012


Jeff Koons for Stella McCartney - Necklace - ''Necklace-Rabbit'' - 2005-2009

And here is a picture I took in front of a deforming mirror!

You can distinguish myself on the left with my mom on the right, who designs jewellery herself and came along to the exhibition!

Fashion Reactor Picasso to Koons7

You can have a look to the rest of the exhibits and get inspired until 02/09/2012, when the exhibition closes. For more informations, you can visit the museum's official page here.

Until next week, stay safe and have a great and adventurous week-end!
Lots of kisses



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