When I was still a fashion student....

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi cover

 The cover of my assignment was inspired by the title of Anna's book ''Fashion Algebra''.

... I used to draw a lot and do all sort of creative things! It is a decade now since my first year in university, lots of time has passed but certainly not in favour of creativity.

Throughout all these years we've experienced some great technological advances which resulted in becoming addicted to our computers and laptops; our internet connection; and most recently our smart phones! So with all this technology to play with, I personally became artistically lazy to the extent that I get bored even with the idea of holding a pencil to draw a single line!

So in honour of my artistically fertile years, I'm going to post for you today some of the drawings I did during my final year of studies. In quick, the brief of the assignment was that we had to choose a celebrity we admired for their style and create then a collection of summer and winter clothing, while first designing the fabrics of the collection. Then, we had to create one of the outfits in miniature size and finally create two accessories. So, I chose Anna Piaggi.

For those of you who are not familiar with her name, Anna Piaggi used to work for many years as a 'Fashion Consultant' for Italian Vogue. She is also an author and has published so far two books the one entitled ''Fashion Algebra 1'' and the second ''Very Fashion 2'' respectively. You can have a look here.

I used to love her style because it was very unique and original and also, when I was younger I mostly liked the more 'theatrical' designers and way of dressing. For example, John Galliano used to be my absolute favourite designer and so my room's walls were covered with pictures of his shows in the late '90s.

So have a look below on the pictures and the designs I made especially for Mrs. Anna Piaggi!
Comment back on your favourite fashion icons!

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi 1


Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi2

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi3

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi4


And the sketches I draw based upon the fabric swatches.

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi10

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi11

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi12

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi13

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi14

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi15

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi16

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi17

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi19

We had also to design some outfits based on the idea of deconstruction.

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi triple

Obviously one of the accessories had to be a hat. The idea was that just like the punks, Anna Piaggi is a modern rebel simply because she goes against the norms. She gets up every day and plays dress up instead of wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt!

Fashion Reactor Anna Piaggi24
That is all for today!
Until next week stay safe and dry! :)


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