Summertime sadness #2

Holidays part 2 as I promised is here!!!!!!! I spent 4 amazing days at the island of Thasos enjoying the sea and the sun. I think Thasos has some of the most beautiful beaches I've seen. A great place to spend a few days during summer. I'd definitely recommend it. Now time to enjoy the photos....


In the ferry boat for Thasos


15 more minutes and we will be there


Our company during the travel


Ready to hit the beach


La Skala can call it paradise too!!!!!


Enjoying colorful coctails at the beach


Relaxing in the pool at our hotel

15 of the most famous beaches of the island


Love the waters at Saliara beach


The surprise of the island...Giola, a natural pool by the sea



Diving in and enjoy


Love the colors of the sunset


A cardpostal photo...isn't it?


More coctails during the night


Enjoy the silence


Glykadi beach...clean waters and amazing view

Summer is almost gone....back to Athens, back to work, back to reality....I already miss all these beautiful moments...

Eirini xxx


# barefoot duchess 2013-08-23 10:49
How do you get out of Giola? Doea it have a ladder??
# -Eirini- 2013-08-23 11:49
Δυστυχώς δεν είχε τίποτα για να βγεις. Έβγαινες από το σημείο που ενώνεται με τη θάλασσα. Λιγάκι δύσκολο βέβαια γιατί που και που έσκαγε και κανένα κυματάκι! Άξιζαν όμως οι βουτιές!!!!
# roubalita 2013-08-23 10:52
Πολύ όμορφα πέρασες Ειρηνάκι από ότι φαίνεται!
# Miss Twiggy 2013-08-23 11:19
great photos...
# FASHION TALES 2013-08-23 11:37
It certainly look amazing. Such stunning photos. I'm sure you enjoyed! :) /Madison
# Milica 2013-08-23 12:30
wonderful photos! I've been to Thasos many years ago, but i was very young and i don't remember that place so well...thanks to you and this photos i gotta go and visit that paradise island again ;)
# Evi Mili 2013-08-23 12:52
mageytikes fwtografies!
elpizw na perases omorfa!
# ellakii 2013-08-23 14:46
my dear this is as well an adorable post i miss my summer vacation let's have a great winter :)
lot's of love,
# Coco 2013-08-23 14:53
What a breathtaking place!
I just came across your blog and I'm your newest follower via bloglovin and fb (id Valeria A).
Hope you'll stop by and do the same if you like :-)
Coco et La vie en rose
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# Irene & Demetra 2013-08-23 15:45
Beautiful beaches and cocktails ;) Love Giola!!!
# Call me M 2013-08-23 18:06
Zileuw! Thelw kai egw diakopes kai i Thasos einai toso konta alla exw na paw xronia!..Iperox es fwtografies!

Call me M from Do You Speak Gossip?
# Beeswonderland 2013-08-23 19:51
Ohhh love!
# Natalie 2013-08-23 23:26
Awww, amazing photos, I love each and every one of them!!
# Maria Tur 2013-08-24 17:42
mmm!!! great photos)))
# Elisa 2013-08-25 00:33
What amazing pictures! I really would want to go there... :/
# Denisa 2013-08-25 09:43
Like I see you had a perfect time. I wish to see Greece. Have a nice day.
# Sofies closet 2013-08-26 09:36
Aw, it looks so good! All the pictures are so beautiful :D
# Alicia 2013-08-26 11:47
I love this post! You have such great taste! xxx
# steph 2013-08-28 03:42
you girls are so lucky, greece is the perfect summer place to be!

steph /
# Elena 2013-08-30 17:52
Πολύ ωραίο μέρος!!! Ειδικά η παραλία που μοιάζει με πισίνα-λίμνη, εξαιρετική!! :)

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