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Goodmorning loves. Monday is here and we are ready to rock a new week!!! The weather today started sunny but now the clouds come back. I hope at least it won't rain because I have to get out and run some errands. Well today I have a different post for you. Actually it is not a "post" but just a question for you all out there who love this blog and enjoy reading it! 

Lately I've been thinking of maybe add some different posts for example some of my fav recipes once a time or maybe a video (not sure yet, just thoughts!!) And here is where I need your help. I want you to tell me what do you want to see inFashion Reactor, which are the posts you really enjoy from those already exist or new ones, make any proposals,tips, ideas, everything you would like to say about this blog is more than welcome.

So I am waiting for your comments and believe me I would really appreciate them.

Have a nice day you all. Now I am gonna ride my bike and get out for some grocery shopping. See you all later

Eirini xxx


# Olie 2014-06-16 14:46
Personally, I think that different type of posts (such as cooking etc) will provoke confusion in a fashion blog. When having a blog, it is important to chose wisely the theme of it, so u concentrate to only one thing (I've read that in a article). If u want to expand the thematology & the variety of ur posts, I suggest to add more streetstyle, videos of your favourite designer's fashion show, maybe posts concerning the Fashion Weeks, Instagram pictures. I would also like tp see more personal outfit of yours, because I love, love, love & LOVE your style! :)

Hope I was helpful.
Looking forward for your next post!

xo xo
# Eirini _ FR 2014-06-16 15:19
Thank so much sweet Olie for your comment.I'll definitely take into consideration your opinion and proposals :)
# danai 2014-06-16 20:10
I also agree with Olie, it would provoke confusion. I love your #inspiration posts and also posts form your everyday life there, always with your own, fashionable touch :)

Keep up the good work,
Danai/ I Forgot My Crown
# Eirini _ FR 2014-06-16 21:16
Thank you Danai for the comment!!! So glad to hear that you love my inspirational posts. I'll definitely keep going on with them
# giotared 2014-06-16 21:49
I'd like to see some city spots that are your favorites not only fashionwise but also any reason you like!
# Eirini _ FR 2014-06-16 22:55
Giota that's a cool idea!!! I think I'll do it ;)
# barefoot duchess 2014-06-17 01:49
I agree 150% with Olie!
# Eirini _ FR 2014-06-17 09:58
Aggeliki yes...I have thought about it...actually I don't mean starting writign recipes everyday but once a time maybe mya fav smoothie recipe or a juice or something like that,concerning our lifestyle part of the blog. I'll think about it. But thank you so so much for the comment!
# Yohanna 2014-06-17 08:53
Well I really enjoy your posts and your point of view...So I think you should trust your instinct and do whatever inspires you...I am sure we will all just fall in love with it!!!
# Eirini _ FR 2014-06-17 09:59
Sweet Yohanna thanks a lot for your comment and the support
# Call me M 2014-06-17 20:03
Even though I agree with the girls above, and I do really love reading your outfit posts, if you really want to add some different things on your blog, I'd say go for it.
After all it's a personal blog, so you should write whatever you want, and your readers can choose whether or not to read the posts that are not fashion related. If you do decide to go for it, I'd love to see more pictures from Copenhagen, or other places you visit. From what I've seen so far, from your photos, it's an amazing place to live. :)

# Eirini _ FR 2014-06-17 20:43
Lovely M thanks so mych for commenting!!! I'll definitely keep the blog most fashion related but I am just thinking of adding a more lifestyle touch maybe.... However I would keep up with the outfits wich you love and I'll do my best for all of you :)

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