Packing for my trip


Jeans: Zara - Black/white trousers: Romwe


Grey top: By Second Female - White top: Sparkz - White logo t-shirt: BO2 - Black top: H&M


Dress: COS - Bag: H&M


Foundation: Shiseido - Bronzing powder: H&M - Blusher: Seventeen -Lipsticks: Sephora - Nail polishes:H&M and Rimmel - Mascara: Max Factor - Eye pencil shadow: Make up Forever - Parfum: Panos Emporio


Hair spray: Aussie - Hair product: Bumble and bumble - Face serum: Kiehls - Face products: Bioplasis - Hand cream: Beautytestbox - Body lotion: Lancome - Lip care: Garmex


Sunglasses: H&M - Eye glasses: Touch - Rings:Sismade - Watch: Guess 


Sneakers: Nike and New Balance


Hello guys! It's Friday and I am more than excited since Sunday morning I am flying for Vienna-Bratislava as I have already told you. Packing for trips, holidays or even weekend get aways it is a real trouble for me. It is the worst time since it is quite difficult for me to choose what to take with me and I find the whole process really boring. This time I decided to choose a few days before all the suff I am gonna nedd i order not to leave it for the last time and make wrong choices hahahah

So these are all I am tkaing with me. I know i probably won't use half of them but I always prefer having more things than I need rather thna less and then grumbling all time. Do you ahve any tips when packing? An special process or secret? I think I'll need them soon as I am leaving again fro my summer holidays in about 2 weeks. So feel free to share with me all tour packing secrets!!!

Enjoy wour weekend loves

Eirini xxx




# Angelina Stroumpouli 2014-06-29 19:08
I seriously love packing!
And without seeing all the photos, I knew that you would pack sneakers and black/white/gre y clothes!

Hope you are having an amazing time!
Lots of kisses
Angelina -

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