Happy Morning Tips

Whether you are a morning person or not (I definitely am!!) you have to make your wake up a funny, happy and easy going process. Here are my tips for a happy morning routine

1.First things first. Turn off your alarm, open your eyes and tell yourself that today it's gonna be an awesome day. Probably it will!!

2.Turn of the radio on your favorite station or put on your favorite tune at full volume. Music will make you feel much better, it will wake you up easier and in a really good mood. A small dance is allowed and you can sing along loud!


3.Open your windows and let the morning light in your bedroom. This is my fav moment. I love the sun and morning light makes feel amazing!


4.If you are in the mood make a quick, cool shower. This will definitely wake you up immediately. Use a shower gel scented with lemon, rosemary, grapefruit, ginger or peppermint!!

5.Squeeze yourself a glass of fresh orange juice or make a power smoothie to start the day. I choose mango, banana, blueberries, coconut water and cinnamon. Yummy!!!!


Wish you every morning will be an awesome one, full of happiness and light!
Eirini xxx



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