1 day in photos

These is post about 1 day in my life! Thurdsay is a day off uni for me which I either spend at the library working on projects or staying home, spending some time for myself and also work on projects :P

So yesterday I took some random photos of my activities and I thought it would be a good idea to just give a glimpse of them. I think it was a well spend day !!!


Coffee for two (mine is with the milk!)


My outfit of the day to go and run some errands like post office, grocery shopping....


Spring... are you really here??? Love these trees in my neighborhood 


Checking my post with a grapes company


Best parcel ever!!!! I am so so happy receiving this natural made products. Already tried the feet creat and the moisturizer and they are AWESOME!! They smell so nice and my skin is really satisfied! Find Messinian Spa here. A more detailed post will come soon.



After having a bath and taking care of my wavy hair with the TRESemme wave foam. Don't they look great? Definitely recommended!


Another new in ...Pyra top from House of Sunny. Already in love and can't wait to style it in do many ways


I love, love cooking and since I had some free time I though it would be a nice idea to make chocolate oatmeal bars

Find the recipe here. Ate one of them for breakfast today and they are sooooo tasty! Give it a try


Projects....assignments....reports... a neverending story


Exhausted...time to get some rest.....!

Eirini xxx


# meli marin 2015-04-24 23:37
I find very interesting your article! I loved it actually.
# Fashion_Reactor 2015-04-26 10:06
Thank you so much! I would like to make posts like this once a while :)
# meli marin 2015-04-30 23:16
That's great idea! Articles like that makes us smile... and help us think positive. :-)

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