Time flies and I am here 4 years after creating my first post for Fashion Reactor. I know that the past 2 years I wasn't truly devoted and as I have already mentioned before I admit I have thought of quitting a few times. At this post  I would like to talk to you a bit about my personal experience and thoughts and why not have a small discussion with you about blogging!

Well, let's take us back in 2012, 2013 when I was in Greece and working really hard on developing Fashion Reactor. I knew that my work was not professional since I was doing everything alone and with the help of some friends and lovely fellow bloggers, but I was really feeling I had achieved something. Steep by step I managed to spread the word and make Fashion Reactor a good blog with devoted fans and friends. I created my network and everything was working perfect.

2014 March I moved in Copenhagen. I was more than excited not only because I was in my dream city but because as a fan of scandi fashion I thought that was a great opportunity for me and my blog....but was it? To be honest Ι don't know. It was like starting from scratch. I knew no one, no network, different language, extremely good danish fashion bloggers and me in the middle of nowhere don't know what to do. However, I tried, I worked hard but there were times I felt so alone...no material, no inspiration, no network. Danish people are so kind and lovely, but they confront anything knew with hesitation and caution. However, I am still here, doing what I love on my own, personal way until I reach a point where I feel I lack confidence, I have no time to write and I've lost my inspiration. Maybe that means something or maybe it is just a phase after which I will be back stronger, with even better ideas, energy and mood.

On the other side, looking all those famous, full time bloggers, they seem to share a single thing and that is aspiration! Flawless photoshoped pictures wearing a lot of € $ outfits in cosmopolitan locations! For most of the readers and for me as well, this lifestyle is beyond reach and it makes me wonder a lot of times what of all these are real and what's not.....Are there unique posts and ideas out there?

These are some thougths rambling on my mind lately with the question .... what stops you from blogging?

I would be really intrested in listening your opinions, experiences and thoughts on this.

P.S. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart all of you out there (you know who you are) who never stopped  supporting me, reading Fashion Reactor, spreading the word and never forgetting me. Love you all.

Eirini xxx


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